What Made You Decide To Invest In Real Estate?

What Made You Decide To Invest In Real Estate?

What made some of you decide to get into Real Estate?

For me, I've been wanting to get wealthy for a very long time. But it wasn't until over the last year that I realized I can really be rich and became serious about it. My main goal was to open up a specialty restaurant. This is still my goal, by the way. I also had plans of stock investing and starting other businesses. My goal was to bring in an income at least 10 Million Dollars a year, once I was established. My ultimate goal is to have a networth of a Billion Dollars by the time I'm 40. So, I started putting together a business plan for my restaurant. Then I went to the SBA (Small Business Adminstration) for help and direction. They gave me some discouraging advice. They were being sincere and honest with me, but it discouraged me for some reason. They told me I needed to have a 700+ credit score, a minumum 3 years of experience in running that type of business and at least 10% of the startup cost to get a loan.

I was flat broke, so I knew I needed a way to increase my networth and bring in serious cash quick. Ironically, I saw Dean's infomercial when I woke up in the middle of the night. I ordered the "Profit From Real Estate Right Now" book immediately. Between then and the time the book arrived, I did my research and found out that Real Estate is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get wealthy. So, I'm looking to start an actual investment career to launch all of my other business ideas. I hope to become a Donald Trump type of Real Estate Investor. Real Estate is gonna be the starting point to me becoming a Billionaire.


Why I Decided

In a word: poverty. Brutal, soul-numbing poverty.

I can barely scrape by month to month, hand to mouth, and I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. At 51 years old, disabled, deep in debt, living on a very small fixed income, I am looking forward to a very scary old age.

I, too, awoke one night in front of the TV and saw Dean's commercial. Here was a fresh-faced kid offering me a way out. I ordered that book like a drowning man grabbing a lifeline.

A month later, I have still not closed my first deal (they say the first deal is the hardest.) I am hopeful that Dean will show me the way to a better life through real estate investing. I wake up excited each new day as I learn more and more techniques here on DG.com.

My goal is to get out of debt, secure my financial future, and help out others as I can, esp. my parents.

God bless you all, and wishing all the DG family much success.


The only way you can fail is by not taking action.
--BAREM p.11

Why are you here

Great post,
For me, One word only...Survival!


Invest in yourself!

Second that...'Great Post'

Hmmm...I'm right there with ya! Tired of being broke! WANTING CHANGE! Wanting to be my own Boss! I don't need vast amounts of cumulative wealth. Just want to be comfortable in life and leave my son and any future heirs with a legacy. I want to say 'Thank You' to SSA, for advising me, too find a job that is less stressful.


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Great Thread!

I wanted to start a thread like this before but I just never got around to it. My reasons are a bit different then most but I am sure some share these same feelings.

I mainly decided to do this because I hated almost every job I ever had. I didn't go to college but even if I did, that doesn't really guarantee you success. I had an awful job a few months ago that was taken the life out of me. It was physicallly painful, mentally stressful, and I hated the people there. I knew there had to be something else to life . I was laying on the couch late at night when I caught Dean's infomercial and decided "let's do it!'.

My other reason may be my biggest. I came from nothing and I had insecurities my whole life. I felt like a "loser" in almost every sense of my life. I realized the only way to change this about me was to be successful. I also figured that I would like to prove all these "haters" wrong. I realize this may not be the most sound reason for someone to change their life but it is the truth for me.

Of course I want the financial freedom that we all crave. I would love to take vacations and not worry about money. I would love to help out my family because it's big and they need help. I am 1 out 10 children and so far I have the biggest chance to succeed. I can't let them down.

One thing that happened from this that was unexpected is my way of thinking. I think more positively now adays and I no longer hate the world. It has been very hard for me to adjust to this way of thinking but I am making progress. I do a lot of reading from books with very influential people. I ride around listening to audiobooks of Napoleon Hill. I realized that above every reason to be successful , is to achieve ultimate happiness. I hope we can all achieve that togheter. Good night!




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