EDGE private network

EDGE private network

I don't know if i'm looking in the wrong place but why am i not finding anything in the private network from the edge kit some one send me to the right place. This should be a great tool for us as new edge members so let's start networking!


Dont know

I was wondering the same thing. I havent been able to access anything there either. Im also still waiting for my Edge package. Have you received yours vanroy?


yes i have gottin my EDGE program and there is great stuff in there but really need some networking since i dont have a coach and have so many questions let me know if you find anything best of luck to ya.


EDGE private network

I was sent a link to the private network and as I am typing this that link has nothing on it. I am posting this off of your comments on Dean's web site in the active forums. I could not find the private network anywhere else. If there is any more information on this out there, please pass it along. Still waiting for our EDGE pkg. Thanks

Same request here

I have been trying and still can't get in. Called support and they couldn't
help because they sold all the EDGE packages and they seem stumped. I remember
seeing another thread on this and Laura(?) found a way to get in but can't seem to find that thread.

Have any of you found anything out yet?
I don't know what else do do. Maybe I'll try the old Ouiji board !!


Only for the attendees?

I also purchased the home edition of the Edge event. I think what you are looking for was only offered to the attendees of the live event. If I am wrong please send me the link.

I tried the link dgmod provided but it comes up completely blank.

Again, I think this is because I didn't attend the "Live" event...????


Maybe they just haven't started posting yet. I just tried the link sent by dgmod and there is nothing in the area. I still see a lot of postings going on by the regulars in the forums and other areas. I'm sure that they are working on something. These guys always come through! I have the Edge package as well. Trying to put somethings in play.



hi Geri,

You & the rest of the EDGE H.S. course members should use this site's forum:-http://www.deangraziosi.com/forum until the Edge forum kinks are ironed out as i've found it to be very helpful




What all came in the EDGE

What all came in the EDGE course pack?

EDGE private network

This might be a dumb statement but if you are not logged in, you will get there and it will come up blank. If you are logged in and it is still blank, you might try calling the Advisory hot-line for help. Hope this helps.

Edge Kit

I just finished going through the DVD's and all the material and I am VERY impressed with the content. I am looking to see if there are any of the attenders of the live event that are going to be making posts? They had some grat training sessions and it would be nice to ask them some questions.

There are several of the

There are several of the attendees on here all the time. They are very helpful to us all and we appreciate them tremendously.


To All EDGE Members

Everyone Who received the EDGE package has access to the EDGE site. No one has posted anything yet that's why you see a blank page. Start asking questions on there so that more EDGE members can post their questions as well. I believe that's how it works. I'm on the third CD now & it's been fun just watching it & learning new ideas, it's like just being there in person. I was told that now wouldn't be a good time to buy notes, only if you know something different.....

Everyone Can Make A Difference!
John A.

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