Closing costs associated with cash offer

Closing costs associated with cash offer

I made a cash offer on a property, since I have no intention of utilizing the transactional funding lender (whose POF letter I used to make my bid) because of not having a buyer immediately lined up and not being able to assign the property. What would my actual closing costs be with an all cash offer? Would I only have to pay the proration of taxes, doc stamps, home owners insurance and attorney's fee (who's handling the closing) including the cover my closing costs?


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I've always negotiated as part of the acceptance of the offer...I would think it would come form you or your buyer....thinking again on it, I'd speak to your buyer..maybe split the difference between the seller and buyer or split you and the buyer...this ones tough because it's usually negotiated by now. If you think it will cost you the deal to push to the closing cost and chalk it up to a leaning experience.

Wish I could have been more help.

Good Luck

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