Need Buyers?.........Another Tip to find qualified Buyers Today, so don't delay!

Need Buyers?.........Another Tip to find qualified Buyers Today, so don't delay!

One of the keys in the real estate business is to continue to build a buyer's list. Thus, if you need to build your buyer's list, I have an idea for you to try. Each area of the country is different when it comes to home prices in your local market areas. You should know what homes are "the value homes" that the investors usually target for your area. In my area of the Midwest it is homes under $50,000. Thus, I call these types of properties the "value priced homes".

Thus, here are the 2 ways to possibly find more qualified Buyers in your local market areas:

1. Have your real estate agent run comps for all homes sales within your target areas for the "value priced homes" during the past 6 months. You may see a pattern of the same investor buying more than one home.


2. Have your real estate run comps on recent home sales during the past 6 months and include in the search criteria additional comments such as "REO, Bank Owned, Foreclosure, Short sale, needs work, handyman special, corporate sale, etc." You will usually find that investors may target these types of homes.

Great, now that you have your list of homes that have sold in these areas, then go to your county courthouse and research to find the buyer of the home. The assessor, treasurer, or county recorder will have all the information you need. Then you can contact the buyer via a letter or postcard.

This may take a little time the first time through the process but will get easier as you go along. Also, if you do this and find even one buyer for each time you complete the process, how valuable is that one buyer that may do mutliple deals with you?

I hope this helps. Sometimes in real estate it is seeing what other do want to see, doing what others do not want to do and achieving what others dream they could only achieve! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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