Approaching an investor

Approaching an investor

How would you approach an investor as a newbie investor?

I want to show that I am serious about being a real estate investor...

what should be my open statement?

Do I let them know that I'm new or just act like I'm a 20 year pro?


Great question...

I'm anxious to see what answers are provided... Thanks for asking what I'm sure many of us "newbies" are thinking!

Yes I know

If Every one knew how to approach those investors that can change everything

Please If you are reading this and you know the question to that let us know

Don't be afraid to answer, because there is no wrong answer

opening statement

hi gerard, i dont believe there is an exact opening statement but i would recommend being polite and CONFIDENT,AND BE WILLING TO LISTEN. I WOULD SAY HI MY NAME IS JAY ........ and i am looking to invest in realestate.i have been doing some research on the cycles of real estate and techniques to buy properties and would love to hear some of your thoughts on the subject?? or.....ask the investor for a business card to get the conversation started then comment on the attractive design then maybe go to the subject of you looking for properties to invest in at below fair market value,do you have or know of any for sale by owners that may be of interest to me? let them know you are actively seeking and discoverying great deals also and would you or any of your investor friends be interested in some great deals that i may want to assign or sell to you??..... just be COMFORTABLE talking to them and things will develope into more conversation automatically as you both CRAVE knowledge from each other for a money making deal.remember listening is key and dont forget to get a card ,email,phone # and touch base with them again even if it is to say hi and ask how their investing is going!! good luck and if u need anything that i can help u with please ask!!


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Thank you Jay

Thanks Jay that help me a lot...

I sure that this would help a lot of other ppl as well...

I would be happy to contact you when I have any other Questions...

God Bless

Hi Gerard,

We are new to this too. I've found so far that a lot of the investors I've spoke to enjoy talking about what they do and also like to share their words of wisdom (like so many people here!) Normally I enjoy meeting new people and learning about what they do. When I first starting talking to them I was 'a little' intimidated but figured what is the worst that could happen?

Some have spent 20 minutes or more talking to me on the phone and 2 in particular have gone above and beyond my expectations. We met one this week and our meeting went very well, we'll be meeting tomorrow morning to discuss ways we can help each other - possibly some joint ventures.

Some of these investors we met at REI meetings, others have responded to our Craigs list ads.

Remember they are people just like you and they were new once too.

Best of luck and let us know how this goes.

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I agree with Jay and Lea. Just be yourself. One of the fun parts of being a newbie IS the learning. And most seasoned investors LOVE sharing their knowledge with people. Ask questions and let them "mold" you into what they are looking for. You will become an asset to them and learn to be a successful investor yourself as you find the deals they want. I believe that most people that have spent a lot of time and effort pursuing something, have a drive in them: not only for money, but to mentor others (that have the same drive and mindset), as well. Just be like a sponge, and ready to put that info to use. Smiling


P.S. It's ok to get the perspective of several different investors. Everyone will have their own way of doing things. Then you pick what works for YOU.


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