Updated! I just finished both DVD's online, who else did?!

Updated! I just finished both DVD's online, who else did?!

The videos are set to allow a higher number of people watch them at once. If you had problems before you shouldn't see any more problems short of a peak spike with lots and lots of people on at the same time.

Hey all,

That was a crazy night tonight if I do say so myself! I have been so busy with getting parts of the online release done up for Dean I never got a chance to watch the whole DVD's. I hadn't seen much more than the awesome clips you all saw. Then the servers got overloaded, so no one could watch them online for a small window, but we finally got it squared up and I FINALLY got to watch them all.

Wow! I was just impressed with the clips alone, so you can imagine what it was like getting 60 minutes worth of good stuff like them. I was wondering who else has watched the subscription online and if they are as stoked as I am with the this. I'm dying to find out what everyone's favorite gems are in these because I started writing down my predictions in a email to the team once I got through them.

PS: Anyone who had trouble last night with the ordering and never got it placed, go ahead and get it in now. The ordering system shouldn't give you any more problems now! Order page: www.successfest09.com


Cant see the videos

Maybe the system is still overwhelmed, but all I see in the middle of the Empowering conversations page is "web page cannot be found" in the spot where I suppose the videos should be. Time for bigger/more servers!

URL not found

I see URL not found where the videos are supposed to be. I will keep trying but can't believe that EVERYONE is watching them. I know some people work.



Cathy B

Follow my progress at:


I've been trying since last night to watch the videos and every time I try and watch them it asks for my credit card # to verify and then when it gets to the page where the videos are supposed to be it says that the requested URL was not found on this server. Help?


new videos

I was finally able to order last night. Then the videos were down. Now I don't know how to get back to them. I only listened to one mp3 that I downloaded last night. It is awesome. I can't wait for the others.
Thanks to all of you

Still can' t see videos.

Is there another link to see the videos. The current pages is still not working right.

Mickey D.

Online access problems

Hello everyone. We apologize that the videos are unable to play online for some of you. We are working on fixing the error and apologize for this mishap. We are doing everything possible to get these working in a timely manner. Your patience is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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