Dear Dean,

My name is Martin and I wanted to thank you for the change you made in my life. I know you may not get to read this because you are very busy but maybe it inspires someone in here. I wanted to do this after I got my first deal but I realized that you already done a lot for me.

I started this in March and have been at it none stop. I was up late one night, laying on my couch on my day off, watching tv. I hated my job because it was working all night and back breaking, to the point that on my days off, it felt like I was working because I was tired.

I happened to catch your infomercial about "Profit From Real Estate Right Now" and it grabbed me. Not the product but YOU! You see everything on TV being sold and 90% of it is garbage. You seemed to really care and were very inspiring. I thought about not calling but finally I decided I had only $20 to lose and a lot to gain. This could have been the most important call I ever made.

I got the book and I could not put it down. I really like that you motivate us and give us the courage to go and DO IT. If you just wrote that book without feeling, I might have not followed through. I decided to invest my money that I had got back from my income taxes in your coaching and they have been wonderful. I actually ended up quitting my job because it was draining the life out of me. I was lucky to collect unemployment and work on real estate investing full time. I am not advocating quitting your job so if you can manage it, stay working and do this part time.

I worked at this all summer and have come close to doing at least one deal by assigning the contract. I realized that this may take some people longer to get it done but it is ok because eventually it will happen and it only gets easier. I now have a local mentor who is helping me and I would recommend that to you guys as well.

The reason I say "THANKS DEAN" is because I never believed in anything. I come from a very poor family and grew up in an environment where all you know is negativity. I had all kinds of self esteem issues and gone through some emotional stuff in my life. I had almost gave up on life and thought that I just settle and work hard, only to grow old and miserable.

Yet even with all those issues I had, I always felt like there was something special inside of me. I just never had no one get that out of me because I never had a role model and very little positive influences in my life. Unfortunately; sometimes that is the difference on how your life goes.

Dean you done that something that no one was able to give me in 29 years of my life. You have gave me courage and made me believe in myself. I now look at life with optimism and have changed my ways of thinking. I read a lot of good motivational books and I advise that we all do because is needed to succeed. I know that I still have a long wait to go and every day I build on my confidence.

I am sorry that I made this very long but this is something that I wanted to write and get of my chest. I hope this helps someone and maybe even Dean gets to read it. Once again, Gracias Dean!




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