In my property search I was looking for properties where the property owner was not the principle resident of the property. When I searched that property in the state property records it showed that the owner was deceased. From my readings this is the kind of property that may be a good wholesale. But, where do I go from here? Obviously, I can't contact the owner. Since the state records still show the person as the owner I guess I can "assume" that the person expired rather recently. Do I just send a letter to the deceased owner's address shown?

Anyone ever had this situation? I kind of don't want to seem like a vulture jumping on this property if she just died!


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The assessors/recorders office will show that the deceased person is still the owner until a new owner is recorded on the deed/title. Go to your local courthouse and speak with the clerk of court that handles the probate case files and ask to see the file of this person.

You will see their case file and you will need to find their Executor/fudiciary/personal representative(PR- person named in will to take care of the estate, different states/counties, different titles) mailing address. Some counties will have the PR's phone number.

Do the following:

1. Contact the PR with a letter or phone call if available, that you are a Real Estate Investor and you are interested in the property.

2. Negotiate a good deal

3. Put that deal in writing.

4. Assign it!

The process is pretty easy to find sellers. Always give the seller condolences for their loss, it is very disrespectful to ignore that persons deceased family member. Be a professional and talk about the property. Many familys need to sell a property for many different reasons and often need to sell fast.

Do your homework on the area the property is in and determie if you have a buyer or need to find a buyer for the deal. Make an appropriate offer talk to your buyer and sign the contract.

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Thanks for the advice. Been waiting a while for someone to respond. I will try your recommendation.



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You should send the letter to the owners address and most likely it will be forwarded to the owners family.


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I sent letters on 2

I sent letters on 2 properties I located. One came back undeliverable and the other I never heard from. I have been searching the web looking on the city sites for the person paying the taxes but have not been able to find that info. I guess the next step is to go to the court house and see if i can find out who has payed the taxes from last yr.

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