'What will you do?'

'What will you do?'

What will you do?

I am a dreamer, but I am now taking action to make those dreams into reality. Thinking about those dreams, about where I am going, about what I can do when I get 'there', and on the way, motivates me more than anything else.

Once you are a successful REI, how or what will you do for your family? for others?

I look foward to when I can provide the nicer things in life for my family. I am going to propose to my girlfriend soon(shhh) and I plan to spoil her rotten when I get 'there'. I adore her and I can't wait to do things like surprise her with a new car and a new home.

I don't have any kids but I do have a nephew(His name is Hunter) and I look forward to anoying my brother by spoiling my nephew. I love to fish and through my success as an REI I will have the time to take Hunter fishing often. I will be able to pay for his college.
Through REI I will also be able to help people find a house they can make a home. I will be able to help provide that 'break' they need.
As a landlord I will have the oppurtunity to make my tenants an extension of my family. I can spoil them at Christmas time. When they are in need like during times of illness I can take care of the yard work, bring them food, and/or cover some of or all thier bills for them until they get back on thier feet.
Throughout my entire life any and every time I was in what I thought at the time was the end of the world there was always someone there to help me out. So it's my turn to be on the other side and be the one helping others.

"What will you do?"


Join my REI group SouthCentralTexas ALL active motivated gogetters welcome Your location is not important.

You can lead a horse to water but you can't force him to accept money.

-One Step Closer

What are your dreams?

I would really like to "hear" about your dreams, plans, and what motivates you. Please, share by replying to this thread.



Join my REI group SouthCentralTexas ALL active motivated gogetters welcome Your location is not important.

You can lead a horse to water but you can't force him to accept money.

-One Step Closer

When I Make it...

I myself have 3 kids... being able to make sure they can eat, I can clothe them, school would be paid for, and they have a backyard in my eyes is considered as making it. Something some people might take for granted because they were most fortunate. To me, that's making it.

My mom raised 5 kids on her own and has had the worst luck in the world, never owning her own place, and to this day doesn't even have her own apartment to call her own, so she will definitely be well taken care of.

Eventually the rest of my family will be taken care of as well...

I could go on and on about what I'm going to do with me, credit repair and the like... but the really important things I mentioned.

We can all make our dreams come true, this what we do is not very difficult! Not only that but it's an already proven technique whom I myself have used, maybe not all the way to the hilt but the techniques I HAVE used have worked.... TREMENDOUSLY! So it works...

We need to be CONSISTENT everyday! The reason everyone can't do this is because WE are doing a little something different....

ACTION... funny such a small little six letter word so many people have a problem with, me included.

Let's ALL stop being LAZY and DO THIS!!!!

Knowledge is Power
- Pimpedoutgeese


Allow your fear to gently pass. Then genuinely ask yourself,
“What needs to be done?”


I will make sure my family is taken care of. My uncle who is 86 takes care of my aunt, it is so sweet and romantic that after 60 years of marriage he is more devoted to her now than ever. He has his own health issues that slow him down a bit and could use help on a day to day basis (his son is there every night & weekends to help but sometimes it takes a village, she has Alzheimer's.) They live in NY. I would hire help to come in to his home to help during the day and night if needed.

We probably all have family members & friends who could use a helping hand these days too.

Last but not least I would be more involved with my community financially and in donating time for events. There is so much need today, non-profits are suffering. I've started a list of non-profits to support. The Alzheimer's Association is my 'pet charity' but will add food bank, children's organizations, animal welfare groups, etc. I will have to investigate some further to find out how they distribute their funds and what percentage actually goes to the cause.

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What will I do.....

When I make it I will have already helped several people along my way.

I plan to help my oldest daughter by getting my truck fixed and giving it to her. I am going to set her up in her own business as an REI cleaning company. I plan to have her work for me until she gets her GED and is able to take on her business alone. I want to see her succeed and able to provide well for herself and her children.

I will create college funds for all my grandchildren! I will spoil my grandchildren ROTTEN! Well not TOO rotten but rotten enough Smiling

I will help my mother dig her way out of debt, be able to quit her job she had to go back to after she retired because she can't afford to live on her retirement! I will buy her the best camera money can buy and send her where ever in the world she wants to go so she can fulfill her life long dream of being a nature photographer! I will do whatever needs done and pay whatever needs paid in order for her to publish her coffee table book filled with all her lovely pictures!

I will help my boyfriends family by buying his mom and dad their dream home, pay off all their debt, buy them both the vehicles of their dreams and set them both up so they will never have to work again!

I will Help my middle child by getting her a good car, pay for her room and board so she can then go to college that I will pay for in FULL so she can join her grandmother in traveling and becoming a great photographer!

I will help my youngest by paying for whatever her scholarships haven't covered so she can successfully become the doctor she has always dreamed of being! Maybe I can talk her into going to an Ivy League college after all! Probably not though she has her heart set on a Christian College. I just want 'My Daughter is studying to be a doctor at an Ivy League College' bragging rights. Shoot I'll brag no matter what college she goes to.

I will be completely debt free and have my dream home in the woods and on a lake/large pond that I OWN and maybe repair my relationship with my father by asking him to build it. I always wanted dad to build my dream house. I will buy a really super kick butt truck!! Black and chrome with tires big enough to drive over whatever is in my way! LOL! You can take the girl off the farm but you will never take the love of BIG TRUCKS outta her! LOL!

I will help animal shelters by making large donations yearly. I will fund vet clinics where people can bring their animals in for FREE vet care!

I will start a program that educates and helps women in battered womens shelters by making the dream of owning their own home where they can raise their children in violent free environments be independent, empowered and believing in themselves a REALITY!!!

Oh my goodness! The list of what I will do when I can finally afford to do it is bottomless!

The number one thing I want to do though is spread hope for a lot of people related and not related. I believe this is my calling and God is on my side! I know I will succeed and make these dreams a reality!


You can't save the world but you can offer a hand up to a few along your way.

what else?

Simply awesome.
Lea, I agree with the idea od helping others. Sianna, the freedom we will achieve through REI will empower us to help many and in many different ways. The list 'IS' bottomless.

I am, also, going to spoil myself with a nice big expensive fishing boat. Something like a 30 to 40 foot charter boat that you can walk all the way around the deack. I won't run charters of course. I will spoil my family, friends, and neighborhood kids/families by taking them fishiing. I really luv to fish(and catch) but I get so much more from taking(helping) kids and even adults new to fishing.

I find it somewhat ironic that not one of us mentioned a house. I don't know about the rest of you but I will also have a nice house. I plan to build one custom for my family. It won't be big because I never wanted a big house. It will be up to date and have the best of everything. It will be on a river not to far from the coast. I will, of course, have my own dock to park my nice, big, expensive boat. Definately with one full acre or more. Neighbors are great(way over there), but not right next to me. I don't like the idea of having the neighbor's house 15' from mine. I'm 6'5" with long legs and arms. I need some elbow room.

When I get there all of you are of course invited to come visit me and if you share all your REI secrets I might even take you out in my nice, big, expensive boat!



Join my REI group SouthCentralTexas ALL active motivated gogetters welcome Your location is not important.

You can lead a horse to water but you can't force him to accept money.

-One Step Closer

Dream Home

I will have my dream home in the woods, on a lake or large pond. Shoot I even have the blue prints I made myself! Well if a pen sketch can be considered a blue print that is.

When I get to the point that I can have my dream home I will buy as many acres as I can of wooded property, I want no less than 10 and hope for 20+ acres. I do not want any neighbors closer than a mile and hope they are further than that!

Provided I have found my dream property there will be creeks, streams, ponds and a very nice lake and right by that lake will be my dream home.

My driveway will be long and curvy, unpaved more than likely graveled or if it is paved the materials have to be natural. It will probably be half a mile long because I want my house to sit as far back in there as I can get it because I want it to be my privet sanctuary in the woods. I want the house to be made using the lumber, and stone on my property. I want it to look like a cedar home with all those triangles and windows married perfectly with the charm and grace of southern homes. (You know those grand Georgia homes)

There will be a porch that wraps around the entire house. To the left the porch will become more like a deck and triangle out towards the lake. I want that section of the porch to be on stilts and to set out on the lake.

When you walk into the front door in front of you but not too close is a sweeping stair case leading to the master suite, library and office. To your left will be one huge formal living room or great room if you will with floor to ceiling windows that will look out on the porch going out over the lake. I want that section to be semi circular rather than triangle shaped like the porch you will see out those windows. Kinda soften it up a bit with curves. If you look up you will see the ceiling goes all the way up to the top of the house. From that room you should be able to see a huge eat in kitchen. The kitchen will have very large french doors that exit out onto the back section of the wrap around porch and will lead down to my pool.

My pool will be different from your traditional blue painted cement pool. I want the lining of the pool to be made with multicolored pebbles. There will be some strategically placed lights in the pool but I want them to give a very soft glow so when they are on and its night time the pool looks even more magical than it did in the day time. Rather than have a traditional edging around my pool I want stones of varying sizes, and lush plants all around it creating a privet lagoon feel.

I suppose the best way to describe my pool would be I want it to look like a natural pond Minus FISH! ICKY THINGS! Fish freak me out. I mean you just never know what they will consider food! *shutters*

Heading back inside through the door you just walked out is the kitchen. I want it to be an eat in kitchen with a table large enough to seat 12 or more, gotta think of the holidays and everyone there eating because this house and this kitchen is gonna be so lovely that everyone will want to come to my house for the holidays! Shoot they do that anyway...

Anyhow I never have be a huge lover of formal dinning rooms I like the down home farm feel of eat in kitchens. Now my kitchen Oh man, my kitchen will make any chef weep in envy! The counters I am thinking will either be granite or slate. I can't decide I know I want the material to be natural but there are soooo many to choose from that I probably wont make up my mind until its ready to be built. I don't want over head cabinets but I do want an extremely large walk in pantry. A super large 8 burner gas range and maybe a bread/pizza oven in the wall. (even though baking bread isn't my specialty I can dream about it eh.) I change the kitchen in my mind all the time so this one is hard for me to describe.

Turning around and heading back to the great room, walking past the stairs and make a left turn you will see a long hall way that has two doors on your right, one on your left and yet another exit to the back porch area.

If you walk into the first door on your right you will walk into a very nice guest suite. I plan to put two queen sized beds in that room. I want that room to look and feel like a luxury hotel room. There will be a doorway out to the porch and another that opens into a shared bathroom. That bathroom will have a lovely jetted tub and separate steam shower, two sinks and two toilets with the toilets being enclosed and privet with their own tiny sinks in there with them. My dad had his master bathroom like this when I was small and I thought it was awesome.

If you keep walking towards the other door in that joined bathroom you will walk into a master guest suite that will take your breath away. There will be a sitting area, a California king sized bed and a large walk in closet. If you look towards your right you will see a small galley style kitchen that has a small dining area as well. When I say small I mean small. That area will be for the guest who stays in it to make tea, hot coco or make themselves snacks or what have you. This room will exit out to the porch and will have a secluded from the rest of the house feel. The porch will have a lovely seating and dinning area in addition to its very own hot tub.

Turn around and head to the main entrance to the guest suite, yes the master guest suite has its own door way to the hall. Once in the hall you should see a door. If you open that door you will see stairs leading down to my basement.

Once you reach the bottom of the stairs you will see a door to a good sized powder room. I want sliding panels in the wall of that powder room and those will lead to the laundry and furnace room.

If you turn right at the foot of the stairs and walk down a short hall way you will walk right into a large family/game room. This room will have a nice bar with a galley style kitchen in it. I want the room to have a bar type look and feel to it with seating and tables and all that. So if your standing inside the bar and looking out in the room what you see is a large TV and seating area, Then there will be a pool table and air hockey probably a dart board too. There will be seating and small tables set up through out the room so a good amount of people could hang out down there watch movies, drink eat play games etc. In the back part of this room I want a floating wood floor for dancing, along with an old fashioned jukebox! There will also be a privet entrance/exit at the very back end of this room. That entry point will have its own mud room where people can hang their coats and things.

Also! When you came down that hall way by the stairs if you had looked to your right you would have seen a doorway that leads to a short hallway and off that is another guest suite.

That guest suite will have a romantic getaway feel to it. It will have its own California king bed and spa bathroom. It will also have these lovely french doors that will take you out to a small privet deck that has a seating and dinning area with its own two person hot tub. No galley kitchen here but a mini fridge for drinks and things. If that guest wants to heat water for tea or something they will have to use the bar kitchen.

Back upstairs to the great room and up the stairs to MY area.

At the top of the stairs if you turn to your right there are double doors leading to the master suite. Open those doors and you will see three door ways. One in front of you and that is my coat/shoe closet. (trust me I need it! Right now my guest room is filled to bursting with my coats and shoes! LOL!) The one to your right will be my master bedroom and the one to your left will be my dream bathroom!

That bathroom is probably the most important room to me because I LOVE baths! I want french doors off my tub that will open to a small balcony where I can sit and look at the woods all around me. I want a skylight that can open above my tub so I can open it and look at the stars and moon while soaking. I can hardly think how I want the room to look because all my focus is on that tub! LOL!

Back to the top of the stairs. If you turn to your left and walk down a short bit there will be HUGE sliding doors that open into my library! I gotta have that library!! I am a HUGE reader and having my very own library has been a life long dream of mine. I want ladders and books floor to ceiling! Just a room filled with all kinds of lovely books to read! Of course there would be huge windows too because I am a nature lover as well. I want a very small two burner kitchenette in there as well because I love, love LOVE herbal tea while I am reading and I don't want to have to go downstairs to get it!

The hall will be open to the downstairs and if you walk out of the library and head down the hall to the last room you will walk into will be my office. My office will have huge windows in front of my desk with the rest of the walls covered in shelves and filled to bursting with even more BOOKS! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love books.

I also want a two or three car garage that is not attached to the house, rather there will be a covered walk way to the basement entrance. I also want the garage to have a three bedroom apartment above it. This way when the entire family is visiting there should be plenty of room for everyone.

OK so that's my dream home. I left a lot of details out but that's the general gist of it. If I am ever to get it I'm gonna have to be pretty freakin wealthy!

Anyone else have a dream home in mind?


You can't save the world but you can offer a hand up to a few along your way.

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