Face to Face with a Realtor

Face to Face with a Realtor

With all the topics on Realtors I think we might need a Realtor area. I didn't want to put this in the marketing area because it isn't really marketing related. I put it here to be on the safe side but if I was wrong to do that please accept my apology's in advance.

We had our first face to face appointment with an agent and I must say that speaking with someone who has been in the world of real estate for a long time and knows how things work was an interesting experience.

This guy really knows his stuff. We were impressed and maybe a little bit intimidated by his obvious knowledge and experience. He just exuded real estate professional. That wasn't what we expected. The few real estate agents I have ever met were no where near this guys caliber. (His name is Matt so I don't have to keep referring to him as This Guy.) When we saw him coming and realized that was our agent we looked at each other and I said, 'Holy cow he's loaded!' LOL! No he didn't hear me say that.

Anyhow, Matt didn't blow us off but he isn't going to be working the 25:1 formula with us. What he had to offer us was mentorship.

We were totally honest and told him we bought Deans book and were working the steps we have learned from the book and this site and were trying very hard to get our foot in the door with investing. He wanted to know what we have learned and I told him everything I know.

He listened to everything we had to say and came back with that he has read hundreds of books like Deans and he wasn't sure but he said he probably read Deans if not he was sure he had a copy at home since he buys them as they come out on the market because every one of them has some good ideas.

He went on about this a bit more saying how a good agent never stops learning and that any agent who would blow off what someone else has obviously made work for them would not be an agent looking to grow in the business and an agent who can't grow is an agent who never fully makes it in real estate.

He warned us that a lot of agents won't talk to us because we are new and have no money but those agents are the ones who refuse to grow and learn. He went on to say that meeting and dealing with negative agents is just part of the game and to be forewarned that agents tend to get just about as emotional about their homes as the owners and to watch for that because being prepared to deal with a negative or emotional agent is something we are going to have to learn how to get around.

He encouraged us to stay positive no matter what because a positive attitude is key in starting up any new business venture, in fact he said its key to leading a successful and happy life. We couldn't agree with him more.

He told us that he really enjoys working with investors and we remind him of himself when he first started in real estate. He never once said that we couldn't do this, in fact He said that he isn't smarter than us he has simply been in the business a long time and has learned how to work it in order to be successful and that if we really want to do this he will teach us everything he knows. He didn't say that Dean's program wouldn't work in fact he said Dean is absolutely correct BUT we don't even have enough money to use as earnest money.

So he offered to coach us through any deals we were interested in and if we were able to find that perfect first deal (he said it is totally doable) that he would consider entering into a partnership with us. What that means is if we are able to come up with half of the money or get approval for at least a quarter of it. All that depends on the deal and the amount of money we would need to close on it.

He had another really great idea. He said we if we were able to get a loan he could help us work it on a duplex to where I get a loan to buy half and my boyfriend gets a loan to buy half that way we can both get money from the government and use that money to invest in our next property. He explained the first time home owners tax credit to us in more detail than I had ever read. For some reason it made a whole lot more sense to us when he explained it.

He told us he was giving us homework and that if we worked with him by keeping him informed on our progress took his advice along with utilizing Deans steps and thinking creatively that he would bend over backwards to help us get started in investing. In other words he wants to see that we are willing to work and how well we are able to use our minds to find good deals.

He gave me a book to pick up called Rich Dad Poor Dad. He said its a great book and we should read it. He told us to get our finances in order by getting a credit card, buy a tank of gas then cut the card up. Pay the card off then see if we can get a loan.

While doing that to keep looking at houses, think creatively and find that perfect first deal. He said he would look as well and set us up to automatically receive new listings as they come to him, but not to stay satisfied with just his listings. He said as Dean as already told us there are deals all over the place we just have to find them.

All that said we are very pleased to have met Matt. We cannot afford coaching and here we have found someone willing to coach us for FREE. I think that says a lot about our ability to think outside the box.

When we first laid eyes on him we didn't think he would take us seriously. We were wrong to think that because he not only took us seriously he offered to help us. It wasn't the help we were expecting but we think in the long run with Matt in our corner, Dean's book and the DG family our dreams of becoming successful Real Estate investors are just that much closer to becoming a reality. Now its back to work. We gotta find that first deal and work on our finances!


You can't save the world but you can offer a hand up to a few along your way.

Sounds good

It sounds like you found a good RE agent. Finding one who also does investing & knows how investors work, is so key, otherwise your wasting your time.
As for getting a loan & using your own money, I am trained to never to risk your own money or credit. There's millions of dollars out there in Private Money & these guys would love to get bigger returns.
Like your agent say's, Keep moving forward but study hard as your growing.
Raising Private Money should be a daily thing on your mind & action looking for it. Also you get a good deal & show them the numbers, the money will show up...
There's tons of free info & courses on how to approach these people.

Good Luck with your ventures...


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