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Success Academy

I have just received my books and I have already started to read the latest book.
Here is my situation:
Can someone who has utilized the Success Academy contact me?? I would like to know will it be worth it to me to pay for the Success Academy? I have no money and my credit is not in good shape anymore since I have been laid off for 10 months and trying to find the money for the tuition that they are asking for will be a job within itself.
Also I am not sure that they will help me as they state that they will. I have paid for this type of help before and it was not what I thought it would be. Anyway, I am looking for another opinion about the academy. If someone can contact me with a PM so that I can talk to them one on one, I would appreciate it.

Thank you


Be positive.

I just got into the program about a week ago so i can't tell you whether this works or not but i'm learning new stuffs everyday. If you really want to do it, do it and stay positive. That is what i've decided to do and went for it. I had spent some money in the past for a similar program that never worked for me but this time i have a feeling that this program will work for me.I just have to stay positive and believe in it. If you start it with a positive attitude, i think you will be in a good shape. I was very skeptical like you before i went for it. I wish i could tell you more. If this is working for me though, i will let you know for sure.
Good luck.



Be Positive

Hello Teferi,

Thank you for your response. I guess at this point all I can do is be positive about it, and hope that this works out for me. I have read some of the testimonials from other satisfied students so maybe this is my chance to grab a piece of the American dream.. Please keep me posted on how the academy has/have worked for you, I would love to get a different opinion other than mine.

Thanks and Good Luck,

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