Dean’s FREE Wealth Building Workshop

Dean’s FREE Wealth Building Workshop

Hey, I saw a new infomercial on Sunday from Dean in which he advertised a Wealth Building Workshop coming to my area next week (San Francisco), March 1 - 4. and most likely in your area soon as well. This is EXCITING! I have seen MANY other gurus come & go doing their seminars, but I have NEVER seen Dean do a seminar. So I am REALLY looking forward to this event!! This sounds awesome! (You NEVER stop!) (And thanks for that.)

Note: I have NO idea if Dean is actually going to be there. None-the-less, this is going to be exciting! Can't wait to see it.

Here is a quote from the show from Dean:

“Folks. Very rarely do we do live workshops, but we’re doing one in your area this week. If you’d like to learn how to do assignment deals, no money down deals, how to do lease options, where you make money in the beginning, the middle and the end. I don’t care if your credit score is 300 and you have nothing but debt. You could make money in your town, but you need to know how.”




Wow, San Francisco???? OK, now I am upset. I was just in San Francisco this weekend. Wish I would have known about this. I did hear somewhere there was one in Florida, not sure when. Maybe the coaches can fill us in on what this is??



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Dean’s Wealth Building Workshop (Live)

Hi Michael,

It's exciting to hear Dean is coming to San Francisco this March. I'm living in South bay. Do you might pm me the schedule and where? or where can I find the info.?


Hi Jeremy

What were you doing in San Francisco this weekend? Next time contact me and I can show you all the hot deals in town. I just signed a purchase contract with a seller today!
I know Robyn Thompson was here doing a workshop on real estate on Saturday. She was awesome!

Hey, I got some killer Bruce Springsteen music I can share with you if you want. A live radio concert he did in Philadelphia in 1975. It is the BEST Springsteen I have ever heard!


Yes. I can give you the info right now!

The phone number to call for reservations is 800 989-5014.

Here's the schedule:

Monday March 1
The Hyatt at Fisherman's Wharf
555 North Point Street
San Francisco

And here's the one in the South Bay:
Tuesday March 2
The Hilton San Jose
300 Almaden Blvd.
San Jose

Wednesday March 3
The Claremont Hotel Club and Spa
41 Tunnel Road

Thursday March 4
The Grand Hyatt San Francisco
345 Stockton Street
San Francisco

Or you could register right now at:

See you there!


Wow! I just finished reading Dean's book. I live in Marin and I am excited to go to his workshop. Thanks for the info.


Thanks Michael !!!

I'll attend Tuesday March 2nd night meeting.
Looking forward to see you there!


whould love 2 go but no money we are trying 2 make some now with the sucess team nothing yet.



Wealth Workshop

I haven't seen the infomercial. Don't suppose it mentions that the workshop will be making a stop down in LA?



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Michael B

That is awesome that you just signed a purchase contract with a seller. Did you post details yet? I'd like to hear all about it. I've been in southern california this month and my girlfriend and I went to SanFran Thursday night and came back Sunday night, it was a nice, and it was my first time in the city. Just went sightseeing and all, Ghirardelli Square, Fisherman's Wharf, Golden Gate Bridge, and some other cool places. Ate at Tony's Pizza twice, I think it was near knob hill, it was across the street from Joe Dimaggio's restaurant, I think Columbus street. Anyways, they had some of the best pizza ever, better than 1/2 the palces in Brooklyn, the owner one a contest in Italy for best pizza so it is the real deal, have you ever eaten there?

I would like to hear about the deals in town, I did see many beautiful victorian homes, I know the rentals go for big bucks as well. It'd be cool to here that 75 Springsteen bootleg you have. I know he had some amazing shows at the Tower Theater back then.



This train, Dreams will not be thwarted
This train, Faith will be rewarded
Big wheel roll through fields where sunlight streams
Meet me in the Land Of Hope And Dreams

Bruce Springsteen

Thomas (tellajoe)

This workshop is FREE!
You must be thinking of the Edge event.

Keep on the lookout for when it will be in your area.

Hi Kathy

Glad you're going. I'm probably going to the one in San Francisco or Berkeley since they are closer to me.
Let me know what you thought of it after you go.


There was no mention of LA, but I'm sure they are planing on being there.
These type of events don't usually skip LA.
And after you DO attend it let me know what you thought of it. Thanks.


Sounds like a fun trip to San Francisco.
What!! Tony's Pizza was better than half the places in Brooklyn? I've never been to Tony's and now I going to have to try it! When I lived in NYC my favorite pizza was on the corner of Mcdougal and 3rd street in Greenwich Village. Also Ray's pizza on 6th Ave & 11th street was another favorite of mine and many others. Whether these places are still there I don't know. I miss New York! I really WANT to go back and visit.

I never posted any info on the deal I'm in the middle of. Well maybe a tiny mention here or there. But here's what I did. First of all since I'm so new to REI I decided to get another more experienced investor to help me with the deal. I just went to a real estate workshop on Saturday (while you were here.) Robyn Thompson was speaking. I never really heard of her, but if you get a chance to see her you probably want to go. She's EXCELLENT! I hooked up with another investor there and he agreed to do the deal with me and we will split the assignment fee or work out similar arrangement.
This house is a probate. Monday I went to see the home owner by myself, the investor said he might not be able to make it because this was a bit short notice and he had other projects going. But after I finished meeting with the owner he showed up much to my relief and he got to see the property too. When we left we were all feeling pretty good about the deal including of course the owner. But when I got home that evening the owner had called me and left a message & said we can have it for $$$$$$$ x amount. And the sad part of it was that the owner left that message thinking we were going to be HAPPY with it. He did lower his price a good amount and he was real happy about it and he thought we would be too. So I was worried the next day when we came back to make our offer which was still LOWER than his "happy" price. I thought we were done and this deal was dead. But we ended up negotiating and everything worked out and we signed the papers on Tuesday and now the contractor is looking at it.
Wow! That felt great when we left that day.
So that's where it's at right now. It depends on the contractor's estimate of repairs.

Hey, let me know where to send the Sprinsteen cds.


Wow!!!! I sure hope they make it to the LA area....I'd love to go! All who are going, please post and let us know how it went. I'm sure it will be AWESOME as all of Dean's stuff is Smiling


Hi Michael

I'm exciting to go, but hopefully not in selling of EDGE event.
Well let you all know what I hear from the event.

Kathy =)

Hi Michael!

We should network..I'm just in the area as well. In fact, I met some investors who just came from Robyn Thompson's workshop. We're now doing deals together. By the way, I am a real estate should you need properties from MLS and even beyond that, that only an agent can do..let me know..I'd be glad to partner with you.

Please attend our IRCA-San Francisco Millionaire Maker Summit 2010..I'm wild guessing that Dean will be our surprise guest! I hope so! See the info I posted in this thread regarding that summit on March 6-7! I'm a member of IRCA-SF...they're a blast! I'm JV(joint-venturing) with them now...whew! Thanks to the coaches..they made me go and be a member of an REI Club in our local area.

In any case, we're attending Dean's workshop tomorrow in Hyatt! Very exciting!



Your Millionaire Maker Summit sounds great! I'll try to be there. What time does the event start? (I guess I can probably find out through your website.)
I usually work on the weekends so if I don't make it to that summit we should keep in touch otherwise.
That's fascinating that you met some investors at the Robyn Thompson workshop last weekend and you are doing deals with them. So did I and I'm doing deals with them too! I wonder if they are the same people. ?

I went to Dean's Wealth Building Workshop today at the Hyatt too. I thought it was an awesome offer! They even included with their training package THE ADVISORS LINE!! I know students on this website that have paid as much as $8,000 for the advisor's line alone. And in the deal they offered TODAY, it was thrown in for FREE! And the price they charged was EXTREMELY affordable!
I don't know if I should reveal the price they were charging or should I let them find out for themselves. I don't want to spoil anything. But it was eye opening!


Looking forward to your thoughts on Dean's Wealth Building Workshop tomorrow.


I went to the workshop last night and learned few new things there which isn't cover in the book. I wish my other half is there with me to catch the deal. It's an eye dropping deal to jump start the new path one's determine to start. I'm sure it's going to shorten the learning curve, especially the lifetime support is priceless.


I agree with you 100%.
I really liked how they gave an example of using a sandwich lease option (Greg Murphy) using San Francisco prices to structure it. Now that's in a language we can understand around here.
And the LIFETIME subscription to the ADVISOR'S line was worth the price of the training all by itself! (Extremely low price)

There's still one more day of the workshop tomorrow in San Francisco.
I'm bringing a friend to see it tomorrow, a brand new person who never even heard of Dean Graziosi!

Hey Dean I found someone who never heard of you!

Hi Michael

Ha ha!!! I had the same thought of going back for 2nd round thru out the time. The buring desire inside me make me feel like an idiot to pass the deal, epsecially we are in DG family. We know this deal is a small investment we can invest on our own for the better furtuer. =(

It would be nice to have someone you can bring with as a partner, not only studying along the way, but also partner up to do the deal and grow together.

Good luck!

I would love to meet up with you if I'm nearby SF area. It's a bit hard work for me to make it last night due to I'm on crutch since last Oct., can't walk in the past 1 1/2 month, now just start baby walk. Well, at least I made it.

Let me know what's your friend think. Does your friend really buy it as what they say?


If you haven't got a chance to attend the free event you should try to make it to the San Francisco meeting.


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I wish I was there!

Oh man. I missed it. Is there another one coming up?

Sorry you missed it

You might try calling (800) 989-5014.
That was the number to register for the event.
They might have the schedule and dates of upcoming workshops.


Just attended one tonight.

I loved it. Tons of useful info - some new. Great for motivation!

Sign up & go!




now iam here on the east cost feeling left out dont have money to get to san fran. dont have the moneys for the EDGE ither not getting anywhere with the academy just loosing what little bit of money that i do have. can any help me please? THOMAS




First of all, there is no need to go to San Fran. The event is over. It is now on the road going to other U.S. cities, including one most likely near you.

If you did join the academy, I would suggest that you call them and have them help you work out a plan to get you moving. Even if you have already spoke to them, tell them that you are not moving like you should be and you need help getting started. I'm sure they will come up with some good suggestions to get you moving.

I would suggest that you start by going to your local REI clubs. There are plenty of investors there and they are always hungry for deals. Ask them what kind of properties they are looking for and get their names & email addresses and tell them that you will notify them when you find them properties.
It usually costs about $20.00 to go to one of those clubs. Although the price can vary depending on the club. Sometimes it is FREE to attend if it is your first time there. There are also FREE clubs with no costs.

Once you find your buyer a property assign the property to him and make a few bucks on the deal. $1000, 3,000 ... $10,000, $20,000... etc

Also read PROFIT FROM REAL ESTATE RIGHT NOW and DO all the action steps in the book.

Also click on the link below and watch a video on building a buyer's list with Dean & Jeff.

live workshop ny/nj

dg family

anyone wanting to attend, go to for this week.

here's to living the dream, baby!



Please tell me about this. I have 3 buyers but they told me they need to see the properties before they will buy. How do you do this assigning with these people is there something I'm doing wrong? Please help!!



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