Never give up.

Never give up.

I just wanted to let all you newbies know that you can make it. You have to definately put forward an honest effort. If you dont take action you will not succeed. Dean gives you all the steps in his books but you have to follow them and take action, he can't do it for you.This web site is the best thing I think he did, (jmo )you have some very successful people and some knowledgable people at your disposal to answer your questions. I have seen alot of people come and go on this site and i think what a shame they gave up on their dreams. You will hit road blocks like anything in life, but if you give 100% effort you can find a way around them. I have hit more than you could imagine. But I will never give up because I know that I want to change my life and the lives of my family for the better as well as help others along the way.

good luck and never ever give up no matter what.
without action there is no result.

You can have anything you want in life as long as your willing to work for it because no one is going to hand you anything for free.
good luck


Thank you

Thank you for the very inspiring words. I really appreciate it.



Kimberly G. Oliver


Thanks for your words of wisdom.

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Richie's never give up

Yes this business is just like life. You are going to get to some forks in the road and you need to choose a path. Hopefully you choose the best road. It may be the least traveled or it may be like a major highway, but the main thing is to stay on the road. The road you ultimately choose may have bumps, many twists and it may get narrow, but if you stay on it long enough it will straighten out and you will be able to see where you are going. You will also find out that since you stayed on that road you gained a lot of knowledge through experience.

Very much like life. We learn as we live and sometimes we have hard times and learn a lot about ourselves and life in general. So keep on truckin down that road. I bet you realize you learned something worthwhile.

Your welcome I just hate to

Your welcome Smiling
I just hate to see people fail and give up on their dreams.

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