Mailcarriers rock!!

Mailcarriers rock!!

Ok everybody, just thought I would share something with you.

Here's a little tidbit. If you are driving or expect to be driving neighborhoods. The best times are from 11am to 4pm (at least in my areas).

But why Lonnie? I'll tell you.

As your driving around, keep an eye out for the mailperson and don't forget to stop by and ask them if they know any vacant homes, distressed homes, for rent homes, and for sale by owner homes on their route. Not only can they give you exact addresses but also most of the time they can give you some of the background of the owners' situation.

I realized this today and they really hooked me up!!! Go Mailcarriers!!!



Don't forget to play hard after you work hard!!!

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Thanks for the tip

Thanks so much for that information. I will definitely keep that in the back of my mind and see what happens.

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