I LOVE Dg.com...... what about YOU?

I LOVE Dg.com...... what about YOU?

I just wanted to post this because its sitting on my heart.

I love dg.com and all the wonderful people here. I know I have not been around as often as I use to be but I will try and fix that.

I just wanted to express my thanks to having such a supportive and open family on her. We may not all be "DOING IT" right now but stick with it and you will.

Dean and his staff and and everyone else are simply awesome. Sometimes you just want to say thank you and let those around you know how much you care.

Rina, Laura, Elena, Lloyd, Donna, Al, Darrin ....you guys know who yo are - thank you all.


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Hi Anita

I also love DG.com as well as our entire family. We have surely missed you on-site Anita and we pray and hope you will not leave us defenseless for that length of time again. I would also like to express my appreciation to Dean and his superb team as well as my fellow Dean Graziosians for all their support and inspiration. DG Family rocks. God Bless.



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Hi. I have read so many of your older posts & you are knowledgeable and helpful to so many. I'm looking forward to seeing more posts from you Smiling Yes, you are right the DG family is a wonderful group of people! Dean has given all of us a terrific resource from this website. As I'm writing this I'm singing 'We Are Family.' Smiling

Warm Regards,
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it feels good

doesn't it


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I love DG.com

I love the Dg family, everyone has been so supportive and helpful. I love to replay the old conference calls and video blogs so much good information and insipration.


Love and Laughter make the world a better place.

Im with ya Anita!! alot of

Im with ya Anita!! alot of support here, not to mention I made some great life long friends to boot!!
still waiting for you to come to NY Eye-wink I have a good memory so i didnt forget Smiling
god bless and good luck

new york

PM me and let me know where you are. I will be there in April.


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So many

So many to thank on here. Rina has such a sweet disposition and so helpful. I can’t imaging the site without her. Laura, Carol, Al, SanBern and of course Anita, there's too many to thank but, all of you who contribute to this site and give us that positive vibration reverberate in my heart. I can’t wait to get to meet each and every one of you someday. It will feel like a family reunion. A DG family reunion.



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Best Ever!!!!!!

From my heart, this is the best site and team ever!!!!!!!! Period!



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re: Jeremy


Long time. Nice to see you.


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I love it tooooo!

I've not met any other you in person yet, but I feel like you are my friends! Organizations always reflect their leader. That's kudos to Dean:)


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Hands-down THE place to be. :-)

I can only think the DGsite is the envy of every guru out there. With a REI Family like this, no one gets left behind unless it's by their own choosing. It is so awesome to see how many have come here and gone on to success (and stayed to SHARE it, and help others!).

Nita, it's really great to see you back (I know you've been here all along, just been a little quiet. Eye-wink )

And people like Barbara and everyone she and others mentioned above, and all the others here in the thread, are what make a person keep hanging around. SOOO much encouragement and knowledge one can find here.

I would like to say one thing, though (prompted by your other thread Anita), everyone be careful not to stay here in the "safe zone" only. Use this as an oasis every day, but you HAVE to be out there in the scary real-world elements to really be getting those deals done. It's gonna be harsh, but you are equipped with what you need to succeed, and the more you do the easier it becomes. And then we can come back in here to share exciting news (and to get encouragement on the "bad" days). Eye-wink

So, I say it again. 100% like you said Anita, Thank God for our DG Family!! Smiling

And for Dean. I pray continued blessings on him and his family every day!

Love you guys!!!!!!



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DG.com ROCKS!!!!! It's the

DG.com ROCKS!!!!! It's the BEST "supportive and informative" forum on the net RIGHT NOW!!! DG.com is nothing less than AWESOME! God Bless.


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I must join the choirs in praising Dean and his team, this site and the people on it. Good luck to all in 2010


So I see my partner Jeremy has beat me to the post. It must have been hard for him holding his lap top at the pool in Florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, what ever Jeremy said, I will raise the kudo bar x 100 to this site. The best site that you could possibly be on.
So there Jeremy!!!!!!!....Jan

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