Scared to death this might be a fraud

Scared to death this might be a fraud

I am sooooo close to coming on board to Dean's success academy, but NEED to connect with some of you with experience to assure me this is legit. If Dean gives back 100% tuition in a sure-fire success recipe, how on earth does he profit. How many people fail, and are the support teams really 12 or so people who are truly in your court to help. I don't want to give away my down payment $$ without talking to real every day people who have experienced it. What are the pitfalls and negatives. HELP if you can. Thanks



To try to give you some direction, I can only say YES, this is totally legit. There are so many success stories here which you can view if you go back to the main page at the top and click on Success Stories.
I have been a member of this site for just about 2 years now, and I know that without Dean's Academy I would be way behind on the progress that my partner Jeremy and I have made.
As to how many people fail, I don't know, but I imagine that some do fail for various reasons.
The academy is intense and loaded with the information and tools that you will need to be successful in this business and at times can be an over load of information. This is not an easy business when you first start, but with each deal it gets easier. Will you make millions? That is up to you. Can you do a deal with no money down? Yes, very possible and it is all documented.

You and you alone have to decide if you want to take your life to the next level, no one here will decide that for you. Hope this small bit of info helps.....Jan

Search around

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There are a bunch of threads already where people have asked everything about the academy, including people who were worried if it was the right move or how good it really was.

Those posts will answer all of your questions. However, I will say I do not think it is a coincidence that most of the top investors (who were once in your shoes, on this very website asking the same questions) have been through the academy.


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