Offer accepted but now lost; Kind of bummed.

Offer accepted but now lost; Kind of bummed.

Hey DG family,

I'm noticing a pattern between my posts, I only come to ask for advice haha, but there will be a time where I would be giving the advice, soon enough I hope.

Last thursday I made an offer on a neighbor's property for 105k when at the time was on a reduced sale of 135k from "appraised" 150k and the offer was accpeted. Of course I still have to do due diligence(actually I don't know what else is needed besides other existing liens and repairs.)

But I have come to a setback. I actually do not have a list of buyer's yet, I just have contacts of agents and two other investors[one advised to go to an investor's club to network(which was actually my initial plan) and I'm going to call the other one when I'm done writing this post(she was very helpful the first time I called her and she gave me some references so I'm pretty sure she could help with this as well)].

I'm in no rush but I assume that agents want to get their deals done as soon as possible and that is where my problem lies. I have every intention to join an investor's club but I don't currently have personal transportation so I can't go there without help and my partner suddenly changed his mind about joining me on my real estate venture(he's always had doubt but still drove me places). So I'm at a lost. I'm still going to try to find other associates and I'm probably going to taxi the destination, I don't know.

Well I suppose the main thesis of this post is the fact that I have no end buyers to actually finish the deal so I figure this would be a last resort and that I'm lost at this point.

I don't have the offer on contract(mostly because of the earnest money that is needed and the lack of confidence from not having buyers) but I'm going to call the investor and she should be able to help me. Hopefully at least that should be settled this week.

Thanks for letting me vent out my current problem, Laughing out loud



Should you need fast earnest

Should you need fast earnest money, try a payday loan store. $500 is plenty.

You got thru step one and getting an offer accepted is a great accomplishment!

Grab your newspaper and look for WE BUY HOUSES ads. Craigslist, etc.

Thank you onthelynz85

I'll look into those outlets thanks.

If you've got it locked under contract....

advertise it here

Everyone is always looking for a deal. 'If the deal makes sense'(I need to trademark this) the buyers will come

Be sure everything is in order beforehand

mad money,

Do your due diligence quickly and then get it under contract, with 60 days til closing (with finance contingency). Give yourself a chance to find a buyer. Sometimes pressuring yourself with a date and a contract works wonders. Eye-wink Since it's a private seller, if you don't find a buyer within 30 days or so, maybe start talking about other options with the seller, in case it doesn't work out. If you need any help with knowing what to say, talk to Randy Vaughan (randy428). He can talk the pants off of anybody. LOL (he's actually been told that by sellers!)

good luck, and keep on going!!



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How goes it lady???

Great advice as always

MM, lock down the house, reveal the deal, the buyers will come in droves

double agree

Go with the advice of Rina and Elix. They are very savy about REI. Just wrap the deal up on contract like Rina said for 60 days and then start busting your butt to find a buyer. start with Craigslist in your area. It has always worked for us...Jan

Tsk, Tsk Jan-Jan

Jan Malek wrote:
Go with the advice of Rina and Elix. They are very savy about REI. Just wrap the deal up on contract like Rina said for 60 days and then start busting your butt to find a buyer. start with Craigslist in your area. It has always worked for us...Jan

Didn't you mean to say "no need to look any further for a buyer. Start with me.."

Using someone else's buyer's list

I read a post on this site from Damion Davidson and Kevin Dietz talked about using their national buyers list! Send a pm to: Parkergavin0608 and inquire.

Peace and Blessing


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Excellent Advice

From all the pros above Smiling Rina is right - when you have things locked up its amazing how the end results work themselves out. And with exit strategies in place you have no worries! Congrats on taking these first big steps and keep the momentum going!

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