Will Becoming a Realtor Help My Investing Career?

Will Becoming a Realtor Help My Investing Career?

My mortgage broker has been telling me I'd be great as a realtor and really position myself to make more money. I will still be assigning contracts but we have a mutual friend who's a very successful investor/agent and every time we talk he says I should consider it. I still have a full time job, so I'm a little thrown as to if this would be a good move or not.




I really need answers to this one guys. I know sometimes some threads slip through the cracks, so I'll keep this active until I receive some input. Thanks.

Hi Deshone! It wouldn't

Hi Deshone! It wouldn't hurt to get a real estate license. I received my license two years ago, but I'm barely signing up with the broker this Friday. I have a full time job too, but I'm trying to get myself into the field by gaining some experience, so I can eventually work as full time agent/investor. Regards.

Do it...

use it to your advantage

It definitely cannot hurt. The positives are too much to not want to do it


Thanks for the input on this. Because I do have a fulltime job and I'm starting my investing career doing assignments, I don't want to do something to take away from the time that I could be using investing to learn to be a realtor unless there would be definite benefit. Do either of you know of any definite benefits besides of course being able to access the MLS. I know that's a big one.


There are lots of other

There are lots of other benefits. You can help people sell and buy homes and get big commissions. In my case, I don't have that much time since I work full time, I just refer someone to my mentor and she'll do the work and just pay me the referal fee. You don't need to rush into anything though. Just stick to your original plan and she how that works out for you. Regards.

When home sales are slow...

turn to rentals

You live in WO correct???

Look for landlords that accept section 8 and HASA(I hope i'm spelling that correctly) tenants, who have blood diseases and such, then place an ad for tenants who are under both propgrams and Work Advantage, working section 8, etc., and you'll have a steady income coming in. You'd make a killing in Newark, EO, Elizabeth, Irvington, etc just on that alone.

I generally don't do rentals but i've done great this last year with homes sales and fill the apartments, so i've come across alot more people looking.

The process i'll assume in NJ is about the same as in NY so it takes about 30 days or less to process and get your check, so imagine next month you know for a fact you got 3-4 checks coming in; rentals can be annoying sometimes with open houses no one comes to, people coming through just to look, no one showing up, trying to lower the rent or your fee,.....no one showing up...

I say go for it

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