How can I find a list of real estate auctions in the southern CA area?

How can I find a list of real estate auctions in the southern CA area?

I called our county office and they said they do not sponsor any real estate auctions. I haven't found anything through several internet searches either. Any suggestions? Many thanks!

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Most auctions are conducted by private individuals. You need to go to the courthouse and inquire when the next foreclosure auction will be.

If you go to Google and input private real estate auctions, private real estate auction companies southern california, you will find them.

If you go to Google and put in Government auctions you will also come across them. The DEA also has auctions as well as the GSA, which is the Government Services Agency.

If you have cash buyers, you can steal some great deals at these auctions.



Some auctions with properties in SoCal are:



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Here are some

I went online and did a search and came up with these:

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