It has been statistically proven that those who "visualize" their goals every day, and "train their brain" to stay on the path are more successful.

Here is my (personal) daily affirmation. I created it and memorized it ... and I recite it every morning out loud.

Sure ... you can say it IN YOUR HEAD if you like ... but SAYING IT OUT LOUD is much more powerful. (By now, my pets must even have it memorized !!! LOL)

Create your own "short and simple" affirmation, or feel free to use mine if you wish.

But faithfully try it, even if it seems silly, and watch your progress (and confidence) grow as you convince YOURSELF you can do it.

Sherri's Affirmation:

Today is a new day.
I will not let it pass without acting in some way ...

To advance my Real Estate Investor goals and grow ...
So that I can change my life, and the lives of those I know.


Good luck everybody !!! And make sure you do "at least one thing" EVERY SINGLE DAY (even if you only make a phone call) to move closer to being the Real Estate Investor who you dream of being !!!


Great affirmation!

I will use it Sherri. Thanks!



Today is a new day.
I will not let it pass without acting in some way ...

To advance my Real Estate Investor goals and grow ...
So that I can change my life, and the lives of those I know.

In Jesus' name...

I Agree

I will use it also. Thanks!Smiling


I will use this too

I've got this in my bedroom and it will be the first thing I see when I wake in the morning and last thing when I go to sleep.



Hi Penny, Tori, Calvin ...

Glad it's a good affirmation for you all, as well.

(Repetition sells ... even within our own brains !!!)

We can program ourselves to "get there", and that's the truth ...



I will use this also

I am a newbie, and have not yet finished the book "Your Town Your Real Estate Profits". I am very excited and can't wait to get started. Any advice from you guys is welcomed.

Greetings ladydianne, and all ...

Welcome to this incredible website full of insightful information, and possibly new friends.

Some of the best advice I've read recently (for us newbies) on this site came from a member named Jason Smith -- from San Diego -- who encouraged all of us to simply take time to FILL OUT THE PROFILE PAGE about ourselves.

I had underestimated the importance of it, until he spelled out that it can help break the ice with other members here because you may have various things in common that cause them to connect with you.

That's an excellent place to start, when you get a few minutes.

Good luck!

Positive Affirmations


Positive affirmations...LOVE them and they work. I am a firm believer. When I set my mind to believe it things happen. Just to share with everyone. I have been on a staycation from my full time job this week and I have done nothing but real estate whether is was phone calls, ordering business cards, meetings with other investors and looking at properties. It's been great. We are moving closer and closer to our first deal. When it happens, I will post about it in a forum. Looking forward to success. Happy investing to you and all the DG'ers.


Chesloe Properties, LLC
Middlesex County, CT

Howdy Dan and Anna

It is 'rather amazing' that affirmations can work like they do, isn't it???

I think it's biological. That's why it's so difficult to beat depression too.
When people get depressed (which we all do at times) the brain gets in a stuck pattern of reinforcing WHATEVER LOOP IT IS PLAYING OVER AND OVER ... and it's a challenge to just dust yourself off and go in another direction.

A daily affirmation, I think, gets the "positive" LOOP recycling itself through the brain waves. That's certainly an over-simplification ... but it works from repetition. Like learning a song lyric when you hear it over and over.

Thanks for concurring !!!!

I look forward to hearing about your first deal, and eventually telling you about mine.

Best wishes ...


Thank you for your help.

You're Welcome Noel

And good luck in Bethlehem !

~ Sherri

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