Finding a real estate agent

Finding a real estate agent

I am new and have sent out letters and faxes to a lot of agent,but get nothing back from them. No one wants to help a investor. Does any one have any advice or letters they have sent to agents to get them to respond to you. i really want to get started but need a agent. HELP!



You need an agent but don't let that stop you from getting started. Find people selling or needing to sell their properties with out an agent! Get some experience calculating ARVs, repair costs, what to actually offer, etc. Then when you talk to an agent and know what you are talking about they will be more inclined to work with you. Work on your presentation and how it will benefit the agent to work with you.

Good luck,
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Finding a real estate agent


I'm also a newbie but I lucked out just tonight by reading my local paper.

A local agent was advertising a free investing seminar, which I attended. Most of the audience was seasoned investors but there was great info for a newbie like me too. The best thing was HUD homes which regularly drop in price and HAVE to sell. Just that tip was worth my time and gas.

After the seminar, I talked to the agent and explained my desire to learn investing but my lack of cash or credit. How can you help me get my feet wet? He answered that I could be a researcher or lead generator (i.e. birddogger). That fits right in with my plans for the immediate future to reduce my debt and eventually move into fix-and-flip which he seems to specialize in. He told me to call him next week to set up an appointment where we can talk in more detail. Yowza!

In the 2 hours he talked, I did kind of check out this guy's "vibe" and he was pretty casual and low key and seemed like the kind of person I could deal with. It didn't hurt that a lot of his investors/rehabbers were there as well. He's got a network I can tap into.

As a newbie, this is exactly what I needed and has gotten me pretty stoked.

So how does this help you?

Look for the agents who offer "investor specials" on Craiglist or the like. Maybe they aren't the one who deal a lot with investors, but maybe they are. Or they can steer you to the right person. Can't hurt to call. There has GOT to be a person in your area who deals mainly with investors. Call around and ask. Maybe somebody is hosting a similar kind of seminar in your area. This one was advertised in the local newspaper.

I almost didn't go but so glad I did.

Best of luck,

wow coyote

Talk about steppin' in it! That is a dream scenario for any newbie.


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Real Estate Agent

Hey Karrie,
This is what I did to find my agent.I went on Craigslist in the you are in or near.Then go to Services and click on Real Estate ,and put an ad on there.Just say you are an Investor and what you are looking to do.That is what I did and I got a great one.

Good Luck

That's not the most important thing

The RE agent is not the most important thing. We've found that if dealing with MLS listings, going to the listing agent is the most beneficial because they have direct contact with the seller, no third party conversations; they have the ability to cut commission to put a deal together; they know that property very well since they listed it; & they truly know how motivated the seller is, which is definitely important in the negotiations.
Remember, a lot of these agents are getting many calls from people claiming to be RE investors, but have no money, experience or credit; so their
thoughts are they will be just spinning their wheels & wasting time. & time is money to them; so don't get discouraged, deal direct when you see an interesting property.


Thanks for the great info everybody. Coyote, I didn't know what to say to open the door, I'm glad you went as well. Way to Go!


This says it all

gceriani wrote:
Remember, a lot of these agents are getting many calls from people claiming to be RE investors, but have no money, experience or credit; so their
thoughts are they will be just spinning their wheels & wasting time. & time is money to them;

go to as many networking events as you can. Even if you see the same 20 people there, at least 10 can be beneficial to you and them knowing you, they at least see you're serious and if they may need someone to research or bird dog or you might even be given an opportunity to provide a buyer

If you have nothing to bring to the table at least bring familiarity; when we're comfortable and something comes about, be someone people remember

Real estate agent

Thanks Curtis i will give that a try

Put an ad in Craigslist

In PFRERN there is a letter to get an agent. Modify it to fit you and post it on Craiglist. Out of posting that I got a HML, an asset manager, a lead on 3 agents, 1 of which I like very much, a mortgage broker, and an escrow agent!!! ALL calling ME! LOL

I didn't have time to be creative, so I just used the one from the book! WaaLaa! Like a pp said, put it in the real estate services section.


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