WE WANT TO SELL OUR North Scottsdale HOUSE, however.....

WE WANT TO SELL OUR North Scottsdale HOUSE, however.....

Hi All,

We have a great home in Troon Village, Scottsdale AZ. We paid 750k for it 3 years ago. Put 150k down. Have paid 30k down in principal. Right now it would appraise for about 600k. Our monthly payments including insurance and taxes...6K a month!! Husband said he would take 575k today..that's what we owe on it, however, we can not figure out a way out of our current loan situation. We are locked into this loan for 10yrs, with pre-payment penalties of around 50K(today as the interest rates stands). We don't need to sell...We want to sell. We don't want all our money going to mortgage payments. My husband has talked to the bank numerous times, trying to get us out of our current loan situation. They won't budge. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated!! I'm up for the challenge of doing something my husband thinks will be impossible to do!

BTW...I did submit a form at www.webuyhouses.com, just to see what happens. Haven't used this site before, but thought it would be worth a try.


Tracy Coats
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Tracy Coats

Sell your Scottsdale home

We have a great short sale team, PM me if you want them to contact you.

Michael Mangham
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