Who needs a boost? Get in here!

Who needs a boost? Get in here!

Alright here's the deal, and I'm hoping people who really need it see this. If you're lagging and need something to get you going then I'd like to offer this...
For two people that explain why they need help getting started or motivated I'm going to send you Deans two books "Be a Real Estate Millionaire" and "Profit from RE Right Now" free of charge to help get you moving. It takes no more then a few weeks to read both books and gain lots of understanding on what you need to do to get moving with real time deals instead of reading about others doing it while time passes you by.

With that said tell me why having Deans materials free of charge will help get you moving.
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I just noticed the double

I just noticed the double thread post for some reason, mods if you could delete the other thread please that would be appreciated.


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So just to sum up.. I'm offering two people who tell me why having Dean's books would help them on there way and they get them free of charge sent to them to get them going.
Hope to hear from some folks soon.


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Sigh... These arent "used"


These arent "used" I'm using my own money and purchasing them NEW from the site and having them mailed to the people that need it most. If all you're going to do is try to deflect my efforts just because then kindly go elsewhere.

for those that are still interested in getting the materials for free to get started let me know why and how it would help you.


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I thank you for the offer. I, personally, already have Profit From... and I don't think that Become A... will have that much more information for me to use. I do completely appreciate the gesture to the members here, though. You're doing a good thing. =)

I do have to ask though, did they help you out? Are you utilizing what you've learned and profiting?


I'd love to see what your town your profits has in it that isn't in the last 2. I bought profit from RE and loved it. it really got me into REI.

I took a break last year from all of this. I had purchased a lot and got ainvolved with a lot. my head was spinning. My son was born and I wanted to spend time with him. Now he's on a solid schedule and I'm ramping back up my business. that break was just what I needed. I would love to see what's in the book. but if there are others in more need then I then give it to them.

I may be bringing my first $500 bird dog fee home in a week or so... Seeing the check and depositing it may be the extra acknowledgment that I need to really get rolling. It's badly needed money now since the daycare is like a second mortgage >.< But I plan on buying bandit signs and ads in the papers, maybe a profesional run of post-cards... anything to get the leads rolling in.

Thanks for the offer. I for one appreciate the gesture. If you're stuck with one set left, remember me, but I'm headed in the right direction as it is.


I Need Those Books!!

My name is Larry and I live in Indianapolis, IN. I am really excited about getting started investing in RE. I am right now getting the money together to join the Success Academy. I will have it by Monday hopefully. I don't have either book and really think they would help me as I get started.

CAM what happened to the

what happened to the books?


Are you still offering the books to someone who needs them? If so I really do!

Man alive, I'm not going to

In all honesty, due to some added busyness I forgot about this thread being tied up as I was. The answer is yes I still have the offer on the table but no one has really messaged me or posted in the thread at least besides a few about it.

Anyways offer is still on the table, considering those who have posted and anyone else feel free to tell me why having the books (new) sent to you free will get you off the ground and not having to work for a living anymore.

Make your money work hard for you rather then working hard for your money.
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You should read more than

You should read more than just Deans books, get on the internet and find resources.



I'm waiting on one return PM, anyone else want to get in on the other set? Again the books being offered (new) are "Profit from RE Right Now" and "Your town your RE profits."

Thanks and best to all here in their investing journeys.


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