Amy’s Story: the #1 Dean Graziosi Supporter

Amy’s Story: the #1 Dean Graziosi Supporter

In life we face many problems and some are more bearable than others. Each day can have new challenges but we usually find a way to make it through the day. There are some days where some people face a challenge they need to overcome each and every day. How we deal with those challenges may define us as who we are or who we are destined to become.

On a recent visit to the Boston, Massachusetts area, I was mentoring three real estate students. The three days passed quickly with the students very satisfied about the material we covered. It was near the end of the final day when one of the students approached me to speak privately.

Dana, one of the students that I was mentoring, stated that he had come to trust me during our time together. He wanted to share their story on how they came to hear about Dean Graziosi and made the decision to get involved in Dean’s training program.

Several months ago Dana and his wife Marilyn, had met a young woman named Amy, who had been diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. As this couple came to know Amy better, they made a commitment to each other. This couple was committed to doing whatever they could to make Amy’s life more comfortable and to assist her in any way they possibly could.

Although Amy’s surgeries were successful in removing all traces of the tumor and cancer, they had left her with several debilitating side effects; confined to a wheel chair, unable to care for herself and her two daughters, and needing to relearn to speak. They offered to spend time with her, run errands for her and see that her two daughters got to school activities.

Over the next several months they began to notice, no matter how frustrated Amy became with her slow progress, she always managed a smile and would communicate as best she could that she would NOT let these troubles break her spirit and positive attitude! Although Dana and his wife arrived at Amy’s home with the intent to raise Amy’s spirits, they always left with the feeling, is was THEIR spirits that been uplifted!

On one visit they found Amy very excited and was having some difficulty communicating what it was she wanted. After several minutes they realized she was asking, “Where is my credit card?” Amy explained she had been watching TV the night before and had happened to see one of Dean’s infomercials. It had stirred her thoughts and excited her that success in real estate was possible. Her friends found the credit card, and at Amy’s insistence, ordered Dean’s latest two books. Everyday Amy would ask, “Where are my books?” Finally the books arrived, and hard as Amy tried, due to the shaking in her hands, she could not read them. She called her friends and convinced them to read her the books.

Dana and Marilyn had never heard of Dean and were not convinced the books would be beneficial to Amy. Amy insisted they read from them to her during each visit. After several weeks her friends began to appreciate the way in which Dean and all of the contributors to the book explained how they each had read, learned and successfully applied Dean’s strategies. They began to feel there was really something to be learned from reading these books. Something they needed to learn!!

Although Amy is not yet able to start her own real estate business, her unstoppable spirit and total belief in what she learned from the books,motivated Dana and Marilyn to start their own Real Estate business using Dean’s materials.

At the conclusion of hearing Amy’s story, I was asked, “do you have an extra hour to spare; I know Amy would love to meet you.” Now I ask you, would YOU not have time to meet such a woman? I said, yes and thanked them for sharing Amy’s inspiring story with me.
On the way to Amy’s home, I was briefed on what to expect, as Amy’s conditions were profound.

I was immediately impressed with Amy’s smile. The sounds she made were translated to me, “hello, how are you doing”. Over the next few minutes, I was witness to the severity of her challenges, and yet, how well she proved with her every action and word, this was an incredibly strong and committed woman.

As we were leaving, I was told by Dana, when Amy was well enough they would see she would have a mentor come and give her the same training they had just received. I was moved to offer that if her friends felt comfortable with my abilities, and asked for me I would consider it a privilege to return and share my knowledge with Amy.

Even as I write this story, I am once more moved to tears. We, who have our health, ability to communicate and walk, still find excuses for why we do not move forward in our quest for success. And yet, this amazing woman, who is so severely challenged, has not a moment of doubt that she WILL get well, and she WILL become successful in Real Estate. Dean continues to inspire, touch and change so many lives and the ripple effect is so evident within this one story.

I relay this true story to you, in the hopes you will also be moved by her courage and spirit, to never again allow yourself to become discouraged and overwhelmed by your daily challenges. Rather you should recall that you once read a story about a simple woman who became a giant through her Persist, ‘til you succeed attitude!!!



....Thank you for taking the time to share such as inspirational story with all of us. Sometimes in life we never know how lucky we have it until we meet others that are going through even larger challenges then ourselves. It is great how you continue to help and inspire others with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling Your friend, - Joe


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In life it is amazing how many people can be a ture inspiration to us. Amy's story is one of inspirational and determination. In life we can overcome anything we set our mind to. We have the power to control where we go and Dean's books and programs help us achieve more than we could have ever imagined. Thanks for sharing her story. Carpe Diem! :0) - Stacey


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Been waiting to see the story,, And yes it is just as motivating as you said it would be. Thinks for taking the time to let me know how lucky I am. You are a great guy.



Thanks Greg

Greg, what a wonderful story and very inspiratonal. Thanks for sharing, it helps us all to be reminded of how blessed we truly are when we have our health.

Dave Johnson


thanks for sharing. what a wonderful story. reminds me how minor my challenges really are.


Linda, Army EOD Mom
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Fear equals:


Thank you for amy's inspiring story and let amy know her determination and drive has touched many to DECIDE NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE..............we are blessed in so many ways to have obstacles that r minor in comparison.!!


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Wow, what an amazing story. Is things like this that makes one aware of how your view point and how you approach things in life is what makes your reality. Thank you for sharing that.


Thank you for sharing this story with us - incredibly motivating and really puts things in perspective. I sure Amy will inspire many others with her courage and determination.

Thanks again,


Thanks for taking the time to share such an inspirational story.


Randall Budde

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Thanks Greg for taking time to tells us the story. Go's to tell us no matter who you are, where you are there is no roadblocks from stopping anyone from doing what they want to do.

John Lewis


That is truly inspiring....I wish Amy all the best.

Thanks for sharing.

Deb in OK


Thank you for telling us about Amy and this amazing story of determination. It is a great reminder of how there are no limitations except the ones we decide will limit us. Amy doesn't let anything stand in her way despite everything she must overcome. An attitude like Amy's could teach every one of us to never give up and that there are NO excuses. God BLESS Amy, and Dana and Marilyn.


Thanks that is very inspirational. There are obstacles in life we need to look past them and move forword. Thanks

Way to be Greg!

This is why this website is moving and grooving! I firmly believe it is because of the kind and selfless actions of all the members here that share these kinds of stories about commitment and perseverance.

Thank you Greg, you are truly a person to emulate on your compassion, understanding, and relentless will to help those that surround you.


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I was very inspired, thank you for posting this.


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Attitude is everything!

I feel so privileged to be where I am right now, about to begin my final day of Boots on the Ground with yourself and Joe. What becomes so blatantly evident through this process is that the potential for success is real and can be achieved by anyone regardless of background or age or anything else as you have shown in your story Greg. It just has to be approached with the proper attitude, which has always been my philosophy. Whenever I hear someone say "I could never do that" or " I cant figure this out" I always reply "Not with that attitude!" (my 8 year old son doesn't like this) It seems like a smart mouth comment but it shows the person instantly that they have the wrong attitude. Thank you Greg and Joe for boosting my already positive attitude you two are great!


....It was a pleasure working with you and the group these past few days. I always enjoy making new friendsacross the country. Anyone can succeed in real estate as long as they are willing to learn, take action and have the right attitude. In life there can be barriers but continue to go over, go under or go around them as is evident as shared in Amy's story. I wish you success in real estate investing and look forward to reading about your future real estate deals. You can do it! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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This is a WOW GOD moment


Thank-you for sharing this incredibly inspiring story with all of us.
It really touched my heart.This reconfirms that "LIFES ONLY LIMITATIONS ARE THE ONES WE PLACE ON OURSELVES".Amy's attitude is a GOD send.




David L. ****erson


What an Incredible story. If somebody like Amy is motivated enough to make the step to learn and going into real estate, then we have no excuse for not making that first step and just go do it. With Dean's teachings of course!

Keep inspiring Amy.

Anthony S.

Thank You

Thank you for sharing an amazing story about an amazing woman. She is so inspiring, not only for her confidence in herself, but also because she is willing to ask for help to achieve her goals. Her determination is awe-inspiring.



Not once,but twice

Greg, I re-read this post and cried not once,but twice.
Thank you for sharing this.
Send my thoughts, prayers, and best wishes to Amy for
her success.


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Awesome Story

Thanks for sharing such and incredible story.




WOW, Thank you for sharing Amy's courage and persistance with us. There really are no excuses for not going after our dreams.


When you trust in yourself, you are trusting in the wisdom that created you.

Very touching

..and inspirational. All of us could use that determination and non-stoppable attitude...and most of us don't have problems and limitations like Amy does. I wish Amy the very best in her life and in her real estate endeavors. She's a winner any way you look at it!


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It is what it is 'til you change it.


What a story.

Life is throwing Amy the biggest curve ball it can, yet she is determined to make it happen anyway.

Life is too short, and getting shorter.

Time to make something happen today.

Absolutely Inspired!!!

This is my first post. I had hit a rut with R/E as I am just learning. After reading about Amy I became very motivated. I added 10 names to my buyers list in about an hour:)

Count your blessings everyday no matter how small.


You couldn't have said it better....

My eyes began to water. I would do the same thing Amy has done if I were her. Persistence, determination, motivation and an unstopable attitude is bound to reap success. Ask me, I know! No more excuses. Only the strong survive. Much love to Amy. You go girl!!!!!


To get something you've NEVER HAD
DO something you've NEVER DONE.

We should all nominate Amy

for Dean's new endeavor.


Thank you for sharing this story! Amy is a true testament of No Excuses! Dana and Marilyn as well for taking the time to spend time with Amy, and for reading the books to her. Thank you for taking your time, Greg, to go meet this amazing woman and her determination and persistence. Love it!

Cathy L



Thank you for sharing this story. That just gives me one more GREAT reason to not give up. I have always believe that failure is not an option, just an excuse. I admit at first I was a little scared to try real estate but I know fear is not of God! So thank you again this story inspires me to press forward. Head held high with no fear.

With God all things are possible!


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