R.E.P.S by Matt Larson???

R.E.P.S by Matt Larson???

Does anyone know how to find the Real Estate Profit System by Matt Larson??


Are you referring to his

Are you referring to his "How To Go Fast" presentation at the Edge10?

I think it was never distributed...

There once was an infomercial, I think, with Matt and Dean talking about a course Matt put together. In a conversation with Matt, I learned it was never distributed. That may be what you are refering to.


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I've never watched or attended Edge 10. I was watching a DVD called Empowering Conversations, and Dean & Matt had an interview. It was about Matts R.E.P.S system, but they never gave anyone a chance to buy it. I really wanted to get my hands on it. Oh well...


Yes, I think that's the one. Do you know how I could contact Matt and see if he has any copies??

Matt -REPS

It was also mentioned that Matt was teaching REPS in Virginia.

I pm'ed Matt but never got reply-

I know there's alot of ppl interested in the REPS.

Keep us posted


https://tvallc.isrefer.com/go/RehabLite/renvestr/ Free tools


Hey Damien,
I dont believe it was ever going to be a kit or anything,it was a sytem Matt came up with that explains how to really go fast.Actually like flipping house's every month, it stands for

There are 6 ingredients in the system,really need all 6 to make it work really well, these are the 6 ingredients


Hope this helps, good luck

Curtis Fillers

REPS system

Bamagirl is correct, I finished watching that part of Edge 10 last night. Later on, when Dean is back on-stage, he mentions to Matt that he would like him to be part of Empowering Conversations with some of the information he just shared.

Curtis Fillers is also correct about the basic points of the system.

So unless there's something else out there that nobody's aware of, Edge 10 is where Matt goes into detail about REPS.


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@: Mark K

This edge10 you guys speak of. What exactly is it? And how can I see it?

@: curtisfillers

Thanks for the info. Yes, these 6 steps is what I'm looking for, but wanted more detail info.


It is actually in the edge 10 dvd's Matt goes over the system and how to perfect it.You can order the edge 10 kit/dvd's right here on Deans site.Just go under Products.

Curtis Fillers

E.D.G.E. 10

Dean holds a seminar every year called Gain the E.D.G.E. ##, This year it is called the EDGE 11, last year's was EDGE 10.
Gain the EDGE is actually an acronym that stands for Gain the Education from Dean Graziosi's Expertise.
You can get last year's EDGE 10 event in a set under DG Products on this site like Curtis mentioned.

EDGE 10 (with video blurb by Dean)

EDGE 09:

and hopefully there will be an EDGE 11 set around the end of this year too!

The REPS system that Matt discussed is on disc 2 of EDGE 10.

Hope this helped!


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I think it's the CD Dean was holding during the empowering conversation with Matt recently. Dean said they are not selling now.

Has anybody found the REPS

Has anybody found the REPS program???


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Skinny version of Edge 10 ?

If there were such a thing, and it were affordable, I would get it. But, I think all other posts are right ~ it was some idea they were throwing around. I keep hearing about the Set For Life (SFL) alot, though.

Set For Life

thishousebuyer wrote:
If there were such a thing, and it were affordable, I would get it. But, I think all other posts are right ~ it was some idea they were throwing around. I keep hearing about the Set For Life (SFL) alot, though.

Hi Dallas:
The Set For Life system is different from what Matt was talking about. SFL is an online program that has templates for websites, squeeze pages, marketing, sorting, advertising your deals, a "Facebook" type system to converse with other investors, create a paperless office, have contracts written based on your imputed data, etc. It's a good system in theory, I just haven't had too many successes trying to find properties in areas that I am interested in.

Hope that clears it up a little for you Smiling

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so the REPS system by matt

so the REPS system by matt larson doesnt exist??


"dump the clutch and nail the throttle"
"Just do it, Get it Done!"

--Matt Larson


something that Dean and Matt may be working on... we know how Dean is, he never stops creating new products. He has the energy of the Eveready bunny... Eye-wink

Edge 11 is already out for sale too...

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Thank you for all the

Thank you for all the helpful information everyone!!


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OK you guys and gals

I'm gonna jump on here and try to be quick about this because I have a full day of business planned.

You already have the R.E.P.S. plan and material if you have read cbr postings. For some of us it is like looking for a needle in the haystack and we wind up making it more difficult than it is. His progam came from or was presented at the EDGE 10 event. He talked about it and went thru a slide presentation I think and then it was in the workbook that accompanied the EDGE 10 package. Its simple really and only spread out over 5 or 6 pages. It goes like this:

How to go fast R.eal E.state P.rofit S.ystem

Two kinds of people - 1. The "process" type 2. "Results" type

Introducing R.E.P.S.

What R.E.P.S. does: Systemizes success - Create momentum - Create predictable results - Eliminates confusion

6 steps:
1. Buyers
2. Leads
3. Sort
4. Offer
5. Buy
6. Sell

- this is a Buyer's market
- Be buyer focused
- the buyers tell you what to buy

LEADS (routes to deals) GOAL: Work on lead generation, set time aside for it, schedule time for it
- without leads you have nothing to do
- MLS-25:1 system
- newspaper ads
- bandit signs
- letters to distressed owners
- flyers

If the only tool you have in your tool belt is a hammer then the only thing you will see is a nail

- My 25:1 System
- Scripts
- one liners
- find sellers that are motivated!

OFFER (There are no good deals only good offers)
- always have the mindset of a wholesaler
- be confident
- one liners
- only make offers on properties with a high likelihood of being accepted

- enter the deal with an exit strategy in place
- follow through
- have a clear defined plan for profit
- know your time frame
- act with urgency

- complete the transaction
- everybody wins
- sell early, sell often
- it only matters if you finish WELL!!!


Well, thats it. Simple. Its a process and a mindset. He made it concise and clarified it. Now each of us can fine tune it. I suggest printing this off a few times and keep it in several places where you can see it and refer to it often. Some people may need to do that to get a solid mindset. Others get it right away and run with it.

This was not something offered for sale and the material is in all of Dean's books.

R.E.P.S. Matt Larson

How can I get a hold of Matt Larsons R.E.P.S. CD or DVD?

Mat Larson CD or DVD

Thanks to everyone for your information I am just starting out and it's quite scary.

Matt Larson R.E.P.S.

Yes, I understand that he goes into detail on his strategy. Do you know how I can get a copy of that DVD or CD?

Not Sure...

I'm not 100% certain, but I believe that he never actually came out with this system formally. He basically incorporated it into his presentations that he does for Dean.

If I'm wrong, someone please correct me.


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Here is a FREE property analyzer I've found:


It's a great tool to use to help analyze your deals (and did I mention it's FREE)! But, you really should spend the $97 and get the full premium edition! IT'S AWESOME!!

Thanks for the clarification ......

everyone. I've been wondering about this and made inquires awhile ago. I just now did a Google search and it brought me here. Thanks. Louis


really helped fill in the gaps about Matt's REPS program. Again, thanks albeit a late thanks. Louis

Read all the posts

Its funny to read everyones comments, people seem to ask the same question over and over. If you read the comments from the beginning it was said that the cd was never created or produced. It was something that was going to come out but it never did. Matt spoke about it in the EDGE 10 CD 2. He speaks a little about the system. Steeanna gives a summary of the system in the comments above. Ok guys good luck on your deal hunting.

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