30 Days Quick Cash Formula

30 Days Quick Cash Formula

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Topics of regular discussion:

*Finding the Perfect Real Estate Agent
*Building a Buyer's List
*Ghost Ads and Bandit Signs
*Assignments VS Double Closings
*Contracts and Purchase Agreements
*Earnest Money

This will be updated as progress is made Smiling


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Video Link

Here is another link to the video.


Let me know if there is a problem with it.


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Proof of funds

So in order to use coastal-funding.com for proof of funds you have to be a success academy member? What can the rest of us do who couldn't afford to enroll in the success academy?


Brenda Pugh

Proof of funds - another website found...

Hi Brenda,

Welcome! We are very glad you are here!

No, you don't need to be a member of the success academy to access www.coastal-funding.com or www.insiderscash.com. Here is another website that you can use that I just found to generate a proof of funds letter.


On all of these, you just need to type in your name, email, propety address, and a price and it will generate a letter. They are property specific which should suffice for your Realtor.


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I know about a house in North Chicago that had went through the foreclosure process. Up until a month ago, it was unoccupied. It is in a well developed area and is now owned by a Real Estate company. I can not say conclusively but I believe there is property taxes owed on the property. I can give you the address if you are interested.......

First day

Hi everyone,
I am completely new at this, as I ordered the Edge program yesterday (and probably won't receive it until another week or so), but in the meantime I am looking at the video trainings and am jumping to the "30-day to Quick Cash Formula" steps I received by email. Next week I will be out of town, but hopefully the package will have arrived by then, and I plan to hit the ground running!
My question is, should I go ahead and create my own website, business email address and business cards at this early stage, or should I wait further down the line?

Business Cards

HomeRoots: DEFINITELY start designing and ordering your business cards as Dean will have you sending letters to people on the cash-buyers list you get from your investor-friendly Real Estate Agent on the second page of the Quick Cash Formula (each Page is 5 days worth of work) and you need to include your business card. A business email address wouldn't hurt either Smiling

As for the website, Dean hasn't mentioned anything about a website thus far, but I'm only on the second page. My package arrived in just 2 short days, so you could have it anyday! Just do everything Dean tells you to do and you'll do just fine! Good Luck!


~Michelle Casey

"Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think."~Ephesians 3:20

Thanks so much Michelle -

Thanks so much Michelle - sound advice!

Bandit Signs

You can just google Bandit Signs and there are TONS of websites that can make them for you and ship them to your house. If you don't want to pay for them, you can go to Walmart and buy them and a big black market and make them yourself.


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Trulia Works!

I actually seen "just plan-e" advice about Trulia in another thread like a week ago.

I did it that night and that same night I had 3 realtors contact me.

One of them is the one I have been working with.

So it works great!

Do it!


30 Days Quick Cash Formula

Hi Everyone,

I just ordered the RBBP on Thursday, 8/04, and I am so excited that I could not sleep at all! Shocked

I saw that the payment cleared today... Eye-wink yippee!

I can't wait to get the email with the bonuses!

Does anyone know how long it takes before we get the bonus?

I was told by 'dgadmin' that it would take up to 7 business days for me to recieve the order in the mail... Sad

I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait!

I want this bonus yesterday!!!

Have a blessed week,


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just plan-e

If I am not mistaking... I typed EXACTLY what you said to type... lol... verbatim.

Some were sarcastic reply's.. some just a waste of time.

But there was a nice person who replied and she has been sending me tons of properties...

Now I have another problem / learning curve with her bu thats a different story lol



New to this!!!!

I also cannot find the right real estate agent either. In my town of Providence, RI. I could really use some help please. Anyone please i really ready to change my life to to to many naysayers around me. My DG Family is all have. Much love to everyone here!!!!!!

just plan-e

Sure did!

Thought it was great!

I actually have been thinking how I can use it now... since a semi relationship has already been built lol

Finding Realtor

I too just bought the BluePrint and have started the 30 day cash course. My best advice to finding a realtor is to follow what Matt Larson suggested: Use Keller Williams or Remax. These 2 agencies, I believe Matt said, were founded by investors and understand an investor's needs. I live in a small town in Fl. and called the few other realtors in town because the agents at my local K.W. were in a staff meeting when I called. I got a few "Yeah Rights" and "That's not gonna work heres" but sent them my criteria email anyway. BTW: got no responses so far. I called the KW agent today and the conversation went very differently. She immediately offered advice to change the location of my strategy to some other towns close by as my town just doesn't get the "HOTSPOTS" and the houses that are moving right now probably won't meet my profit criteria. She didn't ask me to divulge my finances and accepted my answer "I have a number of different exit strategies" to her question about how I was going to pay for the houses.

The whole key is the right agent. Try these 2 companies when you're confident with your sales pitch to them. Make the other agents cry when your agent is making boatloads of cash Eye-wink

Good luck,
Andy Sager


Andy Sager
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Thanks Plan-e!

Followed your outline and got a reply in 1 1/2hrs.

Here's my ad:

Title: I'm looking for an agent that's also a RE investor. Must be able to Think A Little Different & not be embarrassed to submit low offers.

Body: Is that you? Looking for an agent that wants to be part of my team. Will need to be able to run sold comps, provide list of recent cash sales and submit frequent low offers, among other things. Our primary focus will initially be on ******* and ******** and spreading to other areas of Chautauqua County as resources allow.
I look forward to your response.

Although reply was for an agent outside of my initial working area, I'll probably end up using them as a partially remote team. Once I get familiar with that I'll be able to set up true remote teams in other states.


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Finding a good Realtor


What a great tip about using Trulia to find a real estate agent. I actually use that as a realtor to help find buyers so why not use it to find real estate agents. What an awesome tip. That stuff really does work. Please reference dcapital's post about training your realtor, that is all very important stuff.

My best advice to you is to keep calling agents. I can 100% garentee you'll know a great fit with your perfect agent right away, literally after talking with them for 30 seconds. I thought I found a perfect REA but then decided to call another office for practice and BOOM! I am so glad I did because the agent I talked to was perfect and a great fit. Seriously just keep calling. Its a numbers game just like a real estate investing. The more phone calls you make the sooner you might have somebody.

Good luck!


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A Bird - dog

Hello Awaterloo ,

I live in the Northwest Chicago suburban area; I'm interested in doing bird-dog work around the Chicago area. Please contact me if your at all interested in partnering up with me on finding deals !

Don't Say "Cash Buyer", Say "Cash Purchases"

I don't know why I didn't think of this before, but it just occured to me that when you think you have found the perfect REA, instead of asking him/her to pull up a list of all the cash buyers in the area (which may or may not meet resistence), change the wording to "a list of cash purchases". For some reason, "cash buyers" sounds like you're trying to meddle in other people's business or trying to get names (which we are, but they don't need to know that lol).

I switched up my wording with my real estate agent, and he just seemed more comfortable with supplying me with a list of cash purchases (which has the name of the buyer and the property they had bought), than a list of cash buyers (which is exactly the same thing).


~Michelle Casey

"Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think."~Ephesians 3:20

Ghost Ads and Investors

Good morning everybody!

How are your Ghost Ads going? I have placed mine on craigs list in two areas. In Detroit and in Central Illinois. Have you had any calls or emails yet from investors? Here is an example of an email that I use to follow up with investors if they respond to my ad with out a phone number. It works well I think.


Thanks for your email and interest in the property. A couple hours after I posted the ad, an Investor emailed me and I worked with him and ended up assigning the contract over to him. He rehabs houses and rents them outs.

What kind of homes are your investors looking for? I have a system of finding great deals on homes that nobody else has. I'd be happy to help look for homes for you and your cash buyers. I do have a couple of offers out there right now too. The rest of the offers are mostly in XXXXXX, but I do have two more in the XXXXXXXX area. If any of these come to fruition, can I give you a call or send you an email? I'd be happy to send the deal through you so you can show it to your buyers.

Sorry, this one didn't work out, it went pretty quick.

Alex Waterloo XXX-XXX-XXXX (cell phone)


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All Caps

Please note that the website rules include not "SHOUTING" by posting in all Caps.
I would say I'm working with cash buyers.

Cash Buyers List

Question: My REA just emailed me the cash purchases list and they basically look the same as they did as if they were listed. I don't see anyone's name on there, just the property and all its details. My question is, am I still able to find out about the person who bought this-including their address-by searching the tax records on the property address alone, or do I also need the purchaser's name?


~Michelle Casey

"Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think."~Ephesians 3:20

Returning Ghost Ad Phone Calls

After talking with a couple people that called my Ghost ads, I have developed a couple things that I think that are important to say.

1) When they ask about the property, just tell them you got interest in the property very quick from the ad. You can tell them you assigned the home to a cash investor literally a few hours after you posted the ad. By doing this you are telling the buyer that you are an investor and assign contracts. The other thing you are doing is that your indirectly telling them you can help them. This will get the person to open up to you about their investment criteria which is the jackpot for you. All this happens before they even say a word other than "Hello?"

2) Just have a normal conversation with them, none of my conversations have lasted more than 2-3 minutes. These people want to talk to you because you are going to help them make money. I have not had anybody get mad or be angry about calling them back and not having a property available.

3) This is probably the coolest thing that happens....everybody wants to be your friend because they know you can find good deals and act FAST! You establish this in the beginning of your phone call by telling them you assigned the home they are calling about just a few hours after posting the ads. They think you get great deals, you are in high demand, and want to be the first a part of your next deal. I think this is an over looked and important part of being an investor. Your establishing this right away! Its awesome!!



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Excellent. I am glad you go the cash buyers list. All you need is the address of the property to search to see who the owner is.


Go to that link, it is the link where you can search property owner ship just based on address alone in your county. Use the "specific location" field to search.


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One more thing Michelle

What you are going to do is.....

Plug in the addresses on the list of cash closed properties your REA sent you. Use those addresses on that list, and plug each one in on the county assessor's website. I think you said you are doing this in Wichita...so in my above post is a link to the Sedgwick County assesors website. There you can plug in the addresses on your list your REA sent you in the "Specific Location" field.

From there you'll be able to see the owner of the property and the mailing address. Note the owner might be a company and or have a PO box. Otherwise they'll be a regular person.


Get rich or die tryin!!

Great Thread

So much incredible information and help here. You guys are the best. I recently ordered the Rock Bottom Blueprint and am so excited.

I can't wait to add my experiences and hear all your success stories as they come rolling in.

Keep it up! And remember to TAKE ACTION!


"If anything terrifies me, I must try to conquer it." - Francis Chichester

RBBP- Dean gave us the plans-- let's get building our empires!

To everyone, what GREAT enthusiasm and excellent A-C-T-I-O-N!

I got the RBBP program the first day, went through the 30 day FastCash by Thursday, reviewed it-- got questions lined up and called my Coach (I'm also a Success Academy student and EDGE 2011 Attendee)and got my plan devised to take ACTION and not stop until I've hit my benchmark goals. I found my why and it is LOVE, I found my emotion it is RELIEF, and my consequence-- it would be [my first and only] REGRET (I strive to live without regret, thanks to amazing mentors like Tony Robbins, Michael Gerber, Bob Nelson, Brian Tracy, and more).

Although I have screened RE Agents in 2 locales, gotten my Pre-Qualification from Coastal, toured (via other people's time), planned scripts, and marketing avenues before the RBBP (BRBBP, hah!) but not written any offers. I also watched the HAN portion of the RBBP. I am stoked-- really, Dean & Co. this is what I needed; a really no-nonsense/ 1,2,3 plan.

It is another Big excuse but I've been getting things wrapped up with my business to take serious time away from it since I went to the Edge, but this is it-- I am ON 30 DAY COUNT-DOWN to my first completed deal.

If you are not certain you are going to put the RBBP in the shopping cart, DO IT!!!!!

Dean, thank you! Each of Dean's team / staff-- thank you! Getting this out and done so well, with such artistry-- Thank you! All of, each of Dean's guests-- Thank you, thank you for your time!

And, on this post-- awaterloo-- awesome tips, especially the MLS instructions!- Thank you! And, facebouy2u-- you may have discovered it already, but even though your RBBP package has not come yet, your email includes instant access to AWESOME stuff; check it out! 30 days to Fast Cash, HAN, etc-- Ready, GO! And everyone who isletting RE Agents try to trip you up---remember what Matt tells us (and Ali, and all our mentors) "your exit strategy is your business" you do not need to tell your prospective agent how you will do the deal. Review Matt's script for qualifying an agent. It goes something like, "I'm a RE Investor. My strategy is to buy, fix, sell and I want to turn a profit of $20-25K per deal. This is not a long term strategy; I'll be doing quick turns...". So, review the DG scripts and you'll weed-out the RE Agents that are not a good fit for investors.

OK, back to today's webinar! If you're not viewing it-- get on rockbottomblueprintlive.com. It is amazing and Dean is giving us another whole day of his time. So is his team and several amazing guests!



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it works!

Found solid CASH buyer looking for homes in my area - right now!!
Now show me how to lock up!!


Jill Holden | San Diego
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THANK YOU! <3 <3

Much love and thanks to everyone here who is doing a WONDERFUL job supporting me and others along on this journey!

AWaterloo--you seriously should be a paid-coach with as much valuable and implementalbe guidance you are providing to myself and others! Thank you for going the xtra mile and actually looking up my county's tax assessor's website address for me (I'm going to check it out right after I write this)! I'm not sure what I was doing, but I was plugging in the property address and only getting the name of the person who bought the property and the appraised value of the property. I will give the web address you provided a try. So, really, there is a way to find out exactly where the tax bill is being sent? Cuz so far I hadn't found it Smiling

I want you all to know how much like family you are feeling to me! Keep up the love people! <3


~Michelle Casey

"Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think."~Ephesians 3:20

More About Cash-Buyer's List

Awaterloo-Thanks again for looking up that web address! It is actually the one I have been working on, but it doesn't provide the mailing address of the property purchaser; just their name. I've been using whitepages.com to look up the person's address, but hope that I might be missing something b/c I know the tax assessor's files would be more accurate and (maybe) current. There is a disclaimer on the website that says something along the lines of "user agrees not to use the info on this website for purposes of solicitation"...

Any thoughts or pointers? Someone mentioned actually going into the physical office? I will if that's the only way I can obtain the mailing address...

Also, I think my REA may not have provided me w/the right cash-buyers list. Others have told me that it should contain the buyer's name, address of the purchased property, and the amount for which it was sold. Mine doesn't; it looks just like a regular MLS listing, except it says the property is sold for cash and the amount.


~Michelle Casey

"Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think."~Ephesians 3:20

Ghost Ads, Bandit Signs, Cash-Buyers List, Etc

My Cash-buyer's list is coming right along! Placing Ghost Ads is yielding very successful results! So far the best site to place them is Craigslist.com; but I have gotten some responses using Backpage.com also.

I am preparing to mail the people on my cash-buyers list, but am waiting for my business cards to arrive so I can include them with the letter. I remember Carol (?) mentioned that she always sent postcards instead because she didn't have to worry about it never being openend? Thoughts on that? B/c I'm getting ready to mail regular letters...

Going to make some bandit signs tomorrow and begin posting them around town. Do they need to be taken down by a certain length of time?

To whomever was asking about locking up a contract b/c they found an investor--have you found a property yet? Without the property, there isn't anything to "lock up".


~Michelle Casey

"Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think."~Ephesians 3:20

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