PRIVATE MONEY available!

PRIVATE MONEY available!

Hi everybody!

I have a couple of investor/buyers who would like to make cash offers on properties (preferably SFH). BUT the price has to be below 60% of the current ARV. Do you know of any in your state or anywhere else? Not buying in FL, CA or MI, though.

Also, if you know of anybody who needs a LOAN for their deals... they are interested in investing money as well.

Please, contact me ASAP: They want to get rid of their CA$H!

I wish all of you and your families a very Merry Christmas!

Best regards,
Conny Wolfram



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We are always looking for investment money in upstate New York. Please send me a PM with the info. I appreciate it...Jan


Hi, Two questions.
1- Have you done business with them before?
2- Are they interested in queens NY?

Private Money.

Hello Conny,

I am currently looking for a cash buyer to buy in Los Angeles area.
Do you know of any? I noticed your blog above states not in My state.

Private Money

Hi Connie,

I am looking for Investors to add to my Network so that I can get started investing (I'm a newbie). I am in the Houston, Texas and surrounding areas (The Woodlands and Lake Conroe). Please PM me with this information. Thank you again Connie for this helpful information.


Private Investors

Hi, Connie -

I am making offers on SFR's in South Jersey and would be interested in private investors. Please PM me with the info. Thank you!



I have been getting allot of

I have been getting allot of emails lately from lending companies in the UK. Says they will put up money for 3-4% after sale. Don't know if these are legit or scams. Googled 1 called Ocean Finance. Website came up but that doesnt mean its legit. Here's what the emails said:

1. (OCEAN FINANCE HOMES) Greetings to you, I Am Tom Hooks from Ocean Finance Homes LoanCompany,we are a private moneylender located in UK and geared by the I.M.F.We Are Currently Offering Private,Commercial and Personal Loans with very Minimal annual Interest rates as Low as 3% within a 1year to 50years.Repayment duration period to any part of the world. We give outloans within the minimum range $10,000 to the maximum of $1,000,000.00U.S.D.Our loans are well insured for maximum security and service is our priority.Contact us on our Email to apply today. Email:**against rules to post emails or phone #s publically** Thanks, Tom Hooks (Managing Director)

2. Mrs. Shirley Loan Investment. is a private financial investment specializing in offering
Loans of various types to help individuals and organization reach financial objectives.
We customize structured financial solutions for a select group of clientele and
investors. Our commitment to client service and our innovative approach to problem
solving. We offer Loans to at 3.5% interest rate per annum. The Minimum amount you can
borrow is $5,000.00 US Dollars to Maximum of $50.Million.E-mails:

Has anyone dealt with lenders from another country?

Investors Needed

Hi Conny,

I am looking for a private investor to help pay for renovations on the 3 houses we own. We are looking for $200,000.00 We recieve rent on all three homes and we own them free and clear. We are updating them now because eventually the market will recover and we will be able to sell them. Right now we own one in Wyoming and two in Illinois. My husband is a contractor so we do the majority of the work ourselves. The ARV of the homes will be around $285,000 to $300,000. Right now they are worth around 204,000 thats all of them together. The houses in Danville, IL are around 37000 and 42000 and the house in WY is around 125,000. We will be doing the most work on the house in WY simply because WY is not experiencing a down market and there are alot of jobs available in the area, and the largest town has overpriced its market so people are moving to the smaller out laying towns where homes are more affordable, once completed it will go on the market and should move quickly.
Right now it is a two bedroom 1 bath, with a back porch, single car garage, storage shed, with a crawl space. When it is completed it will have 3 bedrooms 2 1/2 bathrooms a half finished basement which will contain the 1/2 bath,laundry room, family room. We are converting the single car garage into a 4 season sunroom, and adding a 24X40 2car heated garage, and a 15x20 heated work shop. Along with a 6' Privacy Fence. We have already replaced the sewer lines, water lines, are updating the electrical and doing minor renovations inside mainly opening up the kitchen area. It will easily sell for 175,000 when we are done, if not more. The houses in Illinois will mainly recieve upgrades to increase there value. We recieve 645.00 amonth rent in WY, 425 and 450 a month from the houses in Illinois. They are long term renters. Let me know if you think your investors would be interested, and I will let u know how we would like to structure this deal. Just send me a PM. Thanks
Happy Homes 4U LLC.


Hi Conny, please email me when you can. We had a discussion last night about some properties.


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Hi B.C.

To answer your Qs:

1. Yes, I have.
2. And yes, they are interested in every state (BUT CA, FL or MI).



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Hi Lily

I know some investors in CA, but first I would need to know more details (what you have to sell and where your properties are located, in order to match you with someone who fits the profile).

Please, send me a PM...


"POOR people own big TVs. RICH people own big libraries."

Hi BostonDolfan

The emails you are getting are almost certainly SCAMS! The company "Ocean Finance" is in fact a UK mortgage broker, which was bought by AIG about 2 years ago. This company is "legit" (if you will consider it legit, that they are the subsidiary of an insurance company that settled in Feb '07 an accounting fraud trial by paying 1.6 BILLION dollar to th government. But their loan offers have APRs from 9.4% to 29.9% (and not the 3-4% you were offered in these scam mails).

Also, Ocean Finance does not send emails from or via other ISPs. They have a UK wide 800 number, and you can send snail mail, or email them from their website.

If you need more info on these so-called 'Fake Loan Scams' please send me a PM. Best way to handle these Spam/Scam mails is: Get the "full header" view, copy/paste it into a new mail, and forward it to the spam/abuse department of your ISP.



"POOR people own big TVs. RICH people own big libraries."

Hi Jason

....I haven't forgotten. Just had a crashed HD (laptop).... and am now trying to recover my lost data, and then catch up on all the emails piling up in my inbox.

Please, bear with me... Thx.



"POOR people own big TVs. RICH people own big libraries."

Hi Donna

....I will send you a PM (as soon as I have finished recovering all my data from my laptop's old, crashed HD).

Thx for being patient.



"POOR people own big TVs. RICH people own big libraries."

Special Notice


This site, nor Dean, is in anyways affiliated with funding source offered in this post. We have no information on them, good or bad.

If you do any business with them please post your experiences here.

Thank you

Did you ever get some investor for a net work source?

I live i Irving and i also need some net working source if you have some please let me know.

Hi Conny

I'm a newbie in Oklahoma and in search of funding sources to assist me with assignments. Can this source be of help to me? If so please PM me their information.



Erika, REI
Brownstone Investment Group
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Investing Network

Hi Kenneth!

I'm not quite sure if I understood your question. Did you ask if I can recommend another investor to you with whom you could partner on deals? For what state?

Email me direct, please: connywolfram@****



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Requirements for Private Money

Hi DG family!

Since I got literally hundreds of emails regarding FUNDING as well as asking for WHOLESALE DEALS, I'm still scrambling to answer all of them (which, eventually I will... promise)!

Here a few basic things I need, when you email me:

+ state where property is located (or where you want to buy/sell WS properties)

+ basic details: type of property, appraised or verifiable ARV (no older than 3 months), repair quote (not just an estimate "slapped" onto the price)

+ asking price (if you are the owner)

+ wholesale price incl. your assignment fee (for SFH = Single Family Homes this price should not be higher than 50-60% of ARV in most cases)

+ photos (outside, inside)

Looking forward to your emails: connywolfram@****

Happy New Year to all of you!



"POOR people own big TVs. RICH people own big libraries."

Looking For Investors

I too am a newbie and am looking for investors so I can increase my network. I am in the Denver, Colorado area. Please PM me with with more info. Thanks so much!!



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Looking for investors

Hi Conny, I, too, am a newbie in the area of R.E. investing. I am looking to build my network with investors. I live in the Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA area. If you have any info, please PM. Thanks!!

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