Point me in the Right Direction

Point me in the Right Direction


I am new to this site. A friend told me that as student of Dean Graziosi, I could access hard money funding for fix and flip deals - is this true?

He didn't have specific information, so I appreciate any insight.



Perhaps he is referring to insiders cash

Dean has this program, but I believe you need an LLC to borrow. Please also fill out you bio so others can connect with you. This is a great learning site!


www.tw4homes.com website
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Hi Kimberly

Because you haven't filled out much info on your profile, I'm not sure what your experience is with regards to flips, or borrowing funds from a HML...so if you haven't used a HML previously, you should know that they require that you do have 'some skin in the deal', usually between 30 to 35% of purchase, and even though they don't lend based on your credit, they do look at your experience/record as an investor. If you have not done any flips in the past you should try to find funds through a PML (private money lender) first, or partner with another investor and split the profits.

Wishing you success,



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Getting Started!

Hi everybody! Today, I just joined this website! Now, my problem is getting started by building a buyers and sellers list. I'd had trouble with this sense March which was the time I joined Financial Insiders; Now it's April. So far, I went to 2 real estate seminars with no results as far as them not contacting me. I don't want to waste anymore time on this. That's why I'm asking all of you who is well established in real estate, that's gifted in helping rookies, and lives in the 5 boroughs to reach out to me. I could use all the help that I could get. I will be waiting for your answers. Thank you.

Thanks Valerie - I have

Thanks Valerie - I have experience in wholesaling and am branching out to fix and flips.

Thanks Tammy.

Thanks Tammy.



I'd suggest that if you're new to real estate investing, you start by learning how to wholesale using Dean's strategies and techniques, not by jumping into flips. They require a lot more money, knowledge, connections, teammates, and time... Start by crawling with wholesales, and either specialize in that (and you can make a ton of money doing it well!), or then branch out into other strategies. By doing what it takes to be a successful full-service wholesaler, you'll be building the knowledge, team, and funds to use other strategies.

Just my 2 cents.

Debandrich, Thanks for the


Thanks for the sage advice - I agree.

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