And we are Back to 10

And we are Back to 10

Fannie Mae, a major investor in mortgages whose guidelines are widely followed, has increased the number of financed properties it allows investors to carry, from four to 10.

The change took effect in March, ending the four-property limit imposed in September.

This report was given in "Florida Today" newspaper May 24th.

This is great for investors. You can now own more than 10 properties on most conventional mortgages. This will open up HUGE opportunities for investors.

Not all mortgage companies will adopt this at first but look for those that can do this now. Finding financing on those properties will become easier now.


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Back to 10 - HIP, HIP, HOORAYYYYY!!!!!!

This is great, great, I mean great, (did I already say great?) news. Thanks for posting this information. As I shopped around at area banks, the banks were not loaning and I heard the 10 to 4 rule. This news is perfect for a Friday and makes for a bright, sunny weekend. Thanks again and lets go finance more great deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling Indiana-Joe


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