Questionable HML????

Questionable HML????

Has anyone used or heard of a Hard Money Lender with the email:

Mr Desmond Tuho.

First off he's from **** (lmao!)

He sent me the documents and all the papers and contracts to sign.... but I don't know if he's legit. The last thing I need is to deal with someone trying to screw with my already bad credit.

Here's a sample copy of the email "as is" that I first received after emailing him, now I got the email from this site:

We have your mail and the content of the mail was well noted.Well,we do offer loans to people at a low rate

meanwhile,below are t he loan terms and application form, you are to fill and send it back to us immediately so

that we can proceed over to the next step of this transaction okay?


* 1 The Borrower must be at least 18yrs old
* 2 An agreement signing process must be carried out on this transaction by my attorney.
* 3 The loan will be sent to you via bank transfer/Western union depending on your choice.
* 4 The borrower must be willing to pay back and also sign all documents concerning the loan agreement.
* 5 The interest rate is 3%
* 6 We offer any kind of amount to people

If you agree to the above terms,then fill out the form

Full Name
Personal Phone Number
Marital Status
Loan amount needed
Loan Duration

So you are required to send this data's so that the loan can be processed and with this,the firm will be waiting

for your urgent response to this email so that we can proceed to the next step of this

Waiting for your prompt response


Kindly find attached to this mail
my terms and conditions
for a loan amount of $40,000 do immediately review and let me know
if you are okay with my terms filling out the necessary details
back to me so i can inform the leasing insurance agency that approves loans to send you
their paperwork,i await to hear back from you soonest..see attachment
Do have all the info as requested
in my terms filled out and emailed over to me asap
let me know if you are okay with my terms
so i can inform the leasing agency that approves
loans and mortgages to send over their paperwork over to
you,i would be awaiting to hear back from you

conditions of this Loan transaction

You must be 18 or above to obtain the loan,
You must repay back the loan as at when due.
Your loan will be given to you at an interest rate of 3%,
You must be honest and straight forward in the loan process,
You must reply to any email sent to you concerning the loan,
You must not involve in any form ingenuity in the loan transaction.
The Borrower may loose his/her transaction should they fail to get in regular contact with the lender via emails
and calls(REQUIRED)

Thanks and God Bless**
My # remains (+)234-8055-964-383

-Mr Osagie Oboh

It looks ****, however he doesn't ask for my social scurity number, anyways I attached his "documents" for you guys to look at and laugh. If he's as fake as fake can be, then by all means look out for him

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“What needs to be done?”

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Haven't heard of that email, but the last thing I would want to do is deal with someone in another country, let alone ****! And it usually works the other way, hml don't just contact you out of the blue. Sounds pretty fishy to me, I wouldn't respond to anything.



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don't trust nothing (including emails) someone sends you from **** or any other country for that matter! I can't tell you how many of those scam mails I've gotten from someone stating that such & such left a large sum of money in trust account. Oh and the latest one we've intercept your package in such such a country with million plus credit hard IMAO come on now what millionaire let alone billionaire would mail their credit card. Please these people are too stupid it's ridiculous the scams they come up with.


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Like Anita Said

It is a SCAM that will put you in a lot of trouble. At this present time, everyone needs to be very careful giving out personal information on paper or over the telephone. Scam artist are lurking out there seeing who I would say, they could devour. One's financial position may not be great and they might be looking for a quick fix. That is a NO! NO. It might be better in some cases to take the long road to improve your financial position. Good Luck and God Bless.



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A sheep in wolfs clothing

I just broke your name down,Pimped out geese and i like it!I know we have to be aware of what we do and when we do it, I believe the trick is too take the chances that we...Do control.
I always think of Country W-d- that took many a people for a long ride.
My point is do not fear;What you control and get ready for along RIDE!
The proper saying "Do not put all of your eggs in one basket"
Friend i am on your side and Thank-you for being here for me.


Invest in yourself!

yes it is scam!!!

watch out for this email address too ..I got same email but from


and even sent me attachment of his license from ****..

Thanks for posting this => pimpedoutgeese

Are You Smoking?

no, no, no and no! Now, we know you're too smart for that; we've read your threads. You're just pulling our legs. Now, go make some money. Miss Anita was superkind to refer one of her fav HMLs. Go read Anita's threads.

Its true

This is true there is alot of scams out there. Anyone asking for suums of money to be wired any place, be alarm especially. Continued success............Lubertha



Got it guys! Once I seen

Got it guys! Once I seen the laughable attachments I knew right then and there it was a scam. I just figured I'd get everyones opinion and let everyone know...

Anita I must read your posts some more! I could have sworn I seen most of them, I never seen the warning... slap myself in the face ha ha, I gotta pay more attention.

I do like the name though lol Osagie Oboh. Wonder how much thought he put into that one?

Again, thanks for the replies fellow DG'ers!!! NOW... on to something important like closing our next deal Laughing out loud


Allow your fear to gently pass. Then genuinely ask yourself,
“What needs to be done?”

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