Mortgage Rates Up a Little

Mortgage Rates Up a Little

This week interest rates have risen a little. Earlier this year the interest rate was just over 4.75%. Today you may see the interest rate closer to 5.125%.

What does this mean to you? Nothing right now. Interest rates usually go up when the economy is doing better. However, the interest rates cannot go up too fast in light of how the economy is doing. If the market continues to improve you will see higher increases in interest rates but his will not be for a short time after the market is "stabilized".

Now is the time to invest in real estate. Don't wait to long or interest rates will be up again and the market will stabilize.


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Yes, now is the time to get on it and BUY! There has never been a better time as Dean teaches us in his books. The market is at the bottom and there are thousands and thousands of deals out there to make a killing on. This really is the opportunity of a life time.



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