I am a brand new investor with bad credit & limited do i go about getting financing to jumpstart my business? Any help & suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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Alfredo N.



HML could be used, see link for info on HML

Private money...let all the people you know with money what youre doing. Ask if they would like to invest in/with you.

partner up with someone....another investor, or a private money person....50/50 slit profit

also work on cleaning up credit so you can try and get a heloc
links on credit

good luck, and don't give up!


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A option that i use on a lot of my properties is buying them subject to the existing loan that way I am using their credit.


Get an ..

Get an aged corp/LLC and build businees credit or get funding..

And you should clean your personal credit..

what sort of lease form

I have a 20 unit apt that I am going to add 8 mor units to. I need more parking and the owner of the property behind me will lease me a 30x50 for $100 a month on a five year lease. I need to know what kind of form to use since I am going to spend a lot of $S to put the raw land into parking space. Any suggestions

How to obtain financing with a part time job

I'm new here and I need a little help.
I just started as investor by instinct, and right now I have 5 apartments rented and my owm house.
Both under separate loans in my credit.
I have a temporary job, but full time.
The thing is that I want to buy another property (Forclosure) to increase my porfolio, but the bank said that because of my temporary job, the loan could be rejected.
What can I do to get approved and show the bank that I can with another loan.



where is your property tom?


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Good Question

Good advise given above.


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Once you do one, you're off to the races!

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