300+Private and Hard Money Sources

300+Private and Hard Money Sources

After 2 hours of searches on gooogle , craigslists,etc.
I found a database for over 300 private and hard money sources,



Let me get the contacts

Let me get the contacts


Hard Money

I found it under www.moolahlist.com

That worked.


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Great work !!

Nice list . I will be perusing this for sure..

Happy Investing Everyone .

Randy S.
Elkton, MD


thanks for the information I will check it out

Steven G.

Hard Money List

Awesome job! It's people like you, that are willing to share the information that you run accross in your work & research, to help others, that keeps this website as awesome as it is! Thank You!!

onthelynx95 Thank you for

onthelynx95 Thank you for sharing..I'll take a look at it.


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thanks for the list.keep moving forward,rob


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keep moving forward, rob

moolah or moulah list

Niether of those websites worked, can u direct me to the proper web address



Hard Money List

Thanks for doing the 2 hours of research and sharing the information with the rest of us.


Robin Potter - REI

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Unselfish Act

It is acts like this that keeps me coming to the site. Thankyou!

Good work

It's good to share, I will sure to check those website. Thanks


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Hard Money Website

Thank you for sharing, it will come back to you "ten-fold"!

Peace and Blessings,


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Try this link

this link worked for me


mispelled link--sorry

I'm sorry, it was getting late and I spelled the link wrong.
Thanks B Benjamin for clearing it up


wrong spelling

it should be


Gotta get my eyes checked


Hi all,

This is so informative for all of us.....

I appreciate it....

Thanks again....



I am sure this will be helpful.Thankyou onthelynx95


That is great. Thanks for the info I'll definately use it.


What a site! Just looked at a couple so far, definitely will explore it more.

Thanks for sharing!!!!!


KEVIC Property Solutions, Inc.
"Real Solutions 4 Real Estate Problems"


KEVIC Property Solutions, Inc.
"Real Solutions for Real Estate Challenges"


thanks for the information I will check it out!

Mark S.

Much Appreciated

Thanks for sharing, I will investiquire.



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My Ad is listed on Moolahlist

OK got ad for private investor listed. I see it as another way to stir up the private lenders.

Hard Money Lenders

Hello all!

This site says that you only have to fill out one form and send it to the lenders you choose... http://www.hardmoney-lenders.com/ . I have never used them so I can't vouch for them...

I do want to share that a 203k rehab lender that I know said to beware that some HML's were asking for upfront fees and then not funding the deals... so ensure that you are dealing with a reputable company.

Good luck!!!



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300+Private and Hard Money Sources

Hello Bruce,

Thank you for sharing this info with your DG_REI Family. We all appreciate your kindness and to you we say THANK YOU!

Keep on Keepin' on!


Attract Private Investors to fund your deals so you can do more deals while using Other People's Money (OPM). For more info go to:

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300+Private and Hard Money Sources

Howdy Bruce,

Thanks a bunch for the info. Keep up the good work COOL BREEZE. You're greatly appreciated.

300+Private and Hard Money Sources


I am the owner/designer of http://www.MoolahList.com. Does anyone have any suggestions for the site?

Chris Chung

New Here

Just wanted to say hello to everyone since I'm new here! I hope to meet and network with you all and we can make changes in all of our lives, take care!


Very good info! Thanks!


Thanks for sharing this info. Will sure see if any of the lenders will work for us.



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