Proof of Funds Letter

Proof of Funds Letter

Does any one in the DG family have a good Proof of Funds letter they are using currently. I have a friend who recently aggreed to help fund my Real Estate ventures. And is also willing to supply a bank statement to the bank as well if needed. I am just looking for a good Proof of Funds letter to use and modify as needed to submitt with my offers. Any and all help would be great.

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For proof of funds

For proof of funds try
I hope it helps!

POF is where I go....never been to, but will check it out myself. Good luck to you!

Livethedream! did you make

did you make offers before with coastal funding?

The bank statement is your

The bank statement is your Proof of Funds. It is your best Proof of Funds. Everyone knows what letters are available free so they don't carry much weight.


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Proof of funds letter

Have to click on insiders, not the proof of funds heading for proof of funds letter.



other options for POF

As of today, is not longer a resource. Try these other 2 site - they are pretty good



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Coastal Funding POF letter

I am having some trouble getting the Coastal Funding proof of funds letter to work. Any ideas???? Thanks!!!


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POF info...



Having trouble requesting a POF from without singing up, since is $9.95/mo for membership? And I was told the letters are for free.
Need help. Thanks!!

Thank you Mark!

Thank you Mark!


you friend can download a summary of his bank account showing the balance of his account without all the transactions; that's all you need to provide as proof of funds.
You provide it when your offer is accepted, if requested.

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Thanks for the info.


www.besttransactionfunding is great.


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I like to provide POF and a copy of the earnest money check with every offer up front. When I SUBMIT my offer. This makes for a stronger offer and shows the seller you are serious and capable of closing.

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