What to write as a first contact email to a Private Lender?

What to write as a first contact email to a Private Lender?

Hey guys, I'm on the verge of my first deal, and I need private lenders and HAAARD MONEY! Just wondering if there is a template that has worked for you guys? I have a list of private lenders that I want to send a mass email to.

If this is a bad idea, what would you suggest I do? Thanks!


Direct contact

I would recommend direct contact with them instead of email. They get tons of those each day and you may get overlooked. Also, you want them the hear and feel your enthusiasm and energy.
Be very honest about your lack of experience. If they are savvy at all, they will be able to see right through you. If you try to be something you haven't the track record to justify, they will know it. But you may get someone to jump on board with you because they feel your energy. And because you didn't try to hide your lack of experience they will respect you more because of your honesty and your integrity.
Their involvement may be to try one deal to see how it works out. If it does, you will likely have an investor for life. Because they know they will get their return on investment. And you will have earned their trust.
Good luck.


I agree with the method of contacting them directly. By contacting them directly you are showing initiative and a drive to be successful. Both of these are qualities that an investor is looking for when they consider entering into a new business relationship. During the call make sure that you present yourself in a positive and professional manner. Practice what you will say in front of a mirror, or with someone you trust to be honest with you. By following the these rules, you will put yourself in a position that can help you develop a long term, positive business relationship.

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