Decided to stick with it & move forward...

Decided to stick with it & move forward...

After receiving Dean's book his coaches called me and asked me to join the academy. After joining I was a nervous wreck about the amount of money I invested and was tempted to call and get my refund back and get out of the whole thing.

I now changed my mind and I'm so determine to make this work. I have the support of my boyfriend and parents but no one knows how much I spent to invest in this otherwise they'll be HOT. So my goal is to get a good deal soon, weather it's finding property for an investor or possibly buying property. Then after getting a good deal, I'll tell them how much I invested then they'll see its worth.
I just have a lot to learn...I've been putting in the time already, by starting the courses through the academy, doing lots of online research, getting organized w/ schedule & material and I plan on calling a coach today to ask some questions. I also already thought of a name for my business.Smiling
The plan is to dedicate 2 hours or more a day to getting my career started in real estate investing. My short term goal is to have some type of deal within the next month, with hard work & support I'm confident I can achieve that.

So to get started I need to start working with some realtors and is this ad ok to post on craigslist?? If so, what do I post it under? Should it be under "jobs in real estate" or housing?

I got my idea of this from a post I saw by AngelaK.

My post:
Hi, I’m a new REI looking for a determined, motivated Realtor to join my team.
Must know the market well and have a strong desire to succeed just as much as I do.

Please e-mail me your resume or details of your experience in real estate @ or call me @ xxx-xxx-xxxx to discuss your experience and our goals.

Thank you.

So is the best way to find a realtor? Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help.



I have been through a few Realtors and would post exactly what your looking for,Otherwise you'll waste your time.Also I was just informed that you need to keep this ad going every couple of days to keep it in the top slot.
Here's my ad.

Wholesale Investor looking for Realtor/Hungry Agent

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Date: 2009-01-21, 10:00AM PST

I'm looking for a Realtor that's familiar with Investing,wholesaling,back to back closing,assigning contracts to end buyers and also not afraid of putting in low offers on mostly reo properties.My focus is properties that have been on the market 100+ days and needs rehab work.We will be submitting 10 to 15 offers per week,so an aggressive agent is required.If you feel that your ready to team up with me and make some money,Please email me with a little info about yourself.


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Hello there!

I am so thrilled that you had a change of heart. You have a strong personality, it shines through your postings! I think that you will do amazing things in RE Smiling

With regard to your ad on CL,
I think that you have to pay to actually post a job listing. Not sure though.
There is a SERVICES section and a 'real estate' section as part of that. See if you can post it there first, if it works great. If not, then list it on the jobs section.

I would leave the word "new" out of your ad. though!

Let us know how it goes. Don't forget whatever you find works well, let the rest of the DG community know! Smiling



2 questions:
Which section did you put your ad in?
What kind of responses have you received so far?


Thanks Angela! I'm sure

Thanks Angela! I'm sure things will work out for me in real estate. I'm going to stop using the word hope and just say things "will" work out, it has to at this point. I'm excited about gettin started. I'm finding myself a bit lost at the moment because I'm looking for REI club to join but there's so many & they charge little fees. Has anyone joined a REI club? Do you find it beneficial? Should I start looking up properties first?

I like your posting Jason. I'm with Angela on the questions, what section did you post it and any responses?

craig list ad

1)I have it under real estate services
2)Only a couple of responses.
But I was just told by Kris (kbarnes17)aka copy ninja,To keep up on your ads.

Here is Kris's post to me:

Here is a suggestion for finding more buyers or a Realtor:

-you should be diligently finding your buyers list first. There are multiple ways of attracting buyers. As far as your ads, you need to aggressively market yourself NONSTOP. the marketing part of your business is the engine that keeps you moving forward. When the engine stops, you will coast for a little but then you will come to a stop sooner or later. So you need to continue coming up with new and better ideas of getting urself out there and making a name for urself. For example, Just because you put one ad in once doesnt mean it will stay on top. Just look at Craig's List. Everytime someone posts an ad, it gets put on top of yours pushing it further done. Come up with 10-15 ads that you can post every 2 days and spend no more than an hour in the morning posting them. Look for other free online classified ads, anywhere to 8-10 of them, and do the same thing. That way your name gets out

Thanks again to Kris from Jason


Jason S.
San Diego, CA.
**All CASH House Buyer!**
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hey guys, other things to

hey guys,

other things to keep in mind, the reason you want different ads is because you don't want to put the same ad up, mainly because Craig's List won't allow it. But if you have 10 to 15 posts at which 7-8 are posted, you can recycle them as many times as you want. Even if you change a few words on your ads every time you repost, it becomes a "different" ad and therefore you can repost it again. Also, there are plenty of other free online classified ads websites that you can post on such as,, and just to name a few. Craig's List postings expire every 7 days, another reason to keep up with posts.

here is another thought you can play around with, put your ads in other places other than services. For example, investors/realtors will probably looking for good deals, so they will probably be looking in the housing section. Some realtors are probably recruiting to their firm so they'll will be looking in the jobs section. This is a good way to keep in front of them by posting in other areas other than just services. In the housing section, as long as you put what you are looking for in addition to the criterias you shouldn't have a problem. And don't be afraid to be specific. For example:

" Wanted:

I am investor looking for a Realtor that's:

- investor friendly, and/or an investor themselves
- has knowledge of investing strategies and/or is willing to learn about the strategies I will be using such as wholesaling, back to back closing, assigning contracts to end buyers
- familiar with the area as well as 25 miles surrounding it
- MUST NOT be afraid of putting in low offers on any property (generally 30-50% below FMV)
- needs to have some experience with REOs.
- they need to be aggressive, motivated, ambitious, honest, reliable, and a problem solver - not a "give-upper".

My focus will be on these criterias (and subject to change depending on the market):

- properties on the market 100+ days
- needs rehab work.
- 3 bed 1+ bath
- btw 1,000-1800 sq ft
- distressed properties
- in good neighborhoods
- of course there will be some flexibility depending on whats available

Again, we WILL be submitting 10 to 15 offers per week, so an aggressive agent is required. If you feel that your ready to team up with me and make some money, Please email me with a brief description of yourself, the deals you have done, and/or your experiences, along with a number to contact you with,

Make sense?? Hope that helps! Good Investing!

Your resident Ninja and Note Expert,


PS - Jason, no prob - Ill call at 12 my time. Ttyl.


- The Copy Ninja

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Where can i find your ads?

Your comments and suggestions regarding ads and postings was fantastic, however, i would like to know specifically what ads (subject and content) you post when advertising with,, and and Do you have a preoutlined list of quotes that you go through and post every couple of dsys on these sites that i could view? If you don't how do i find you in these sites so that i can review your quotes and study them for myself?
I am going to need to build my network team and then begin generating a buyers list so that i can begin to work with assign. of contracts. Do you find that you have more investors responding to your ads, or do you have a lot of individual retail buyers replying to them? What is your market like?

Thank you in advance for any help and guidance that you can give a new REI.



Live life today, because you never know what tomorrow can bring!

I'm back...

Ok I tried getting started with this and got really discouraged along the way thinking my area is too expensive, why would someone listen to me over a realtor or investor who's been the business for years??
Anyway long story short I decided again to kick all negative out and try this again.
So to start I got back involved with my success academy training
(I better considering the amount of $$$ I spent!)
Second I'll be attending my first REI club next Wed. on the 5th. We'll see how this goes.
Now I want to be prepared to hand my business cards out to potential investors so I'm working on creating them now.

Question: Considering I'm not an investor yet (not enough funds) I plan on starting w/ assignment of contract. What should I call myself on my business card: Real Estate Investor, Property Finder... or just leave it blank???

You Are REI

you can use the title Property Finder. You're still a REI no matter how much funds you've got at your disposal. God Bless Smiling


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the Merciful.
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Ms E...Keep on going

Like yourself, I initialy regretted the expense of joining the academy. I actually called to cancel but discovered it was too late...anyway....I decided to make the most of my investment... I was sick at first....I'd gotten all my credit cards paid off and cars paid off. I was sick socking all that tuition cost on my empty credit card, but like the academy says, it's good debt. What would you spend even at a community college to have a career change? And what university would give you money-making ability while taking the required courses? I also know this about myself....I probably would've just given up if I hadn't had the success academy making me accountable. I'm just not that self-deciplined or self-motivated. I have to confess that about myself.
They had to breast-feed me for a few weeks after I realized I couldn't get my money back. Ha! I was pretty sick....But I used the circumstances to my advantage. Isn't this what I've been wanting to do for years? All those late night infomercials about real estate???? I've been teased all these years and finally took the plunge when I saw Dean's segment. I just really felt like this was the real deal. Something about Dean made me do it!
As far as the money thing goes, there is a guarantee to reimburse the "tuition" costs if you do the required deals in the alloted time. What university offers that? Anyway, DO join the REI club in your area. Slowly but surely, you'll start to feel like "one of them". I feel like my momentum's starting to pick up - I've been doing the work and just tonight I've had to make some make-shift project boards (on my dining room table) to keep my thoughts straight. I've got several deals starting to percolate. Need to stay organized...I haven't completed my first one yet but I feel it comin". I feel things starting to rumble. (Thanks to Eric with the success academy for his continued encouragement and guidance.)
We HAVE made a wise investment and we WILL see our dividends if we just keep at it...Like Dean says: His book isn't gonna just start spitting out $100 bills. This takes work and it takes action. If it was EASY, everyone would be doing it! (but they're not). We have an "EDGE." All the best, Kara

Thanks Emma!!!

WOW!!! We're just alike!! I felt the exact same way after joining...I was sick & depressed that I had just added to my debt; honestly felt like an idiot.

And just like you I never gave into these stinking infomercials, but there was something about Dean's that really got me thinking and I suddenly picked up the phone like at 2am and ordered his book.

It's good to hear you say we've made a wise investment and I just have to keep believing that and keep moving forward with this. One of the success academy coaches just told me the other day stop saying what your "trying" to do and "just do it!"
So that stuck with me and after hanging up I looked up next nearest REI club, went over the assignment of contract training session and started working on my business cards.

I have such a fascination with real estate!! My TV stays on HGTV, lol. I've been talking about property since I was 17, always talking about getting my real estate license. Now I'm 24 and my goal is to definitely own a house before I'm 30. I'm still possibly considering becoming a licensed real estate agent, but I will see how this all goes first. My goal is to have some kind of deal before the end of the year - whether it's assignment of contract, finders fee or possibly buying property somehow even tho I'm broke. But I do have good credit. Smiling

Anyway thanks again and I I KNOW things we'll be successful if we keep positive attitudes and continue to take action.

Oh BTW thanks Atlcamel...I will use Property Finder for now Smiling

Keep on going...

Ms E, Glad my situation encouraged you. I've got kids your age. You're SOOOOOOO fortunate to have found this early in life. It's taken me working almost 30 years as an ER/ICU nurse (Hard Labor- Ha!) to decide to try something different. Just imagine where you can be, financially, in 20 years....10 years...You don't have to be filthy rich ( you can if you wanna - the sky's the limit) If you keep focused and work steadily, you will have laid the ground work for being financilly secure with your investments and accomplishments while you're still a young woman. You can do it. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. (I sound like your momma)Take care, and have a great week - Kara


Hello again!

Your business cards should say Real Estate Investor.
Plain and simple.


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