South Florida Investor starts matchmaking

South Florida Investor starts matchmaking

Hello everyone,

I am a young investor, just put my first flip property on the market and I am based in south florida. After about 6-7 months of rehabing my property its finally on the market with a local realtor. It came out great and I know I will make a profit.

However, it takes longer than you think to flip a house. I just started reading Dean's 30 days to real estate cash, so now I'm going to try finding deals and buyers to work with for a while so I can have cash flow monthly. This is an awesome site! Are there any other south florida members out there who are doing similar ventures?

My First Goal:

I will update frequently on my progress. I am only twenty and I'm getting ready to leave the country to travel internationally for the first time. I will be gone about a month. While I'm gone i am going to send out emails to local realtors to see if they are interested in working with me, so when i get back i hope to have some interested so i can interview them at that time.

-Sarah H.
Okeechobee Fl.


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Hello Sarah!!

Outstanding! It always inspire me to see young ladies moving forward and making a difference in their life as well in their future wealth. Please keep us inform about your progress and travel experience as well. I was in SFL 2 months ago and saw a tremendous grow since my last visit in 1992!!! I wish you the best and keep moving forward!!!!

Casselberry, Fl.

Joe, Thanks! I know i was

Joe, Thanks! I know i was looking up some other posts on this site and someone mentioned that Orlando is among the fastest growing cities. Thanks again,



Great job on your first fix n flip deal. it sounds like you did a lot of the work on the property, i bet it turned out really nice. I really hope you make a ton on it.

I agree follow the 30 days to cash from dean and you'll be able to create a lot more cash quickly without having to swing a hammer.

keep moving forward.


I always say Keep Moving Forward! Never Give Up On Your Dreams!

As Matt Larsen says "Feed the Need" - Edge 2013

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