Jim's Journal

Jim's Journal

Well here is my first journal entry. Makes me want to use the old Star Trek voice over for date and time. Well a little about myself, I'm a computer technician with no real estate experience at all. I purchased Dean's Be a Real Estate Millionaire book after seeing his commerical for it. To make a long story short, I am looking forward to investing in real estate, even though I am very nervous (and short funded). I went thru the beginning course and course 1 online. I, being who I am, being impatent decided to start looking at houses online. I found a foreclosed house for only $9,900, which had been on the market for less than a week. I called a real estate agent inquiring about it, while talking to her I asked if she worked with real estate investors, and she did. So in the midst of looking at the house I got over my first hurdle in calling a real estate agent and asking if they worked with investors. Now I need to get a hold of 3 more and then I can see that I'm acutally moving forward.

Well anyways, it came out that the house already had an approving offer on it so I had to cough that one as not deciding fast enough. But we found another house not too far from it for $14,900 and I will be going out to inspect it later this afternoon. I have a close personal friend (was an old land-lord of mine), that will be helping me finance it. He has a pretty good knowledge of real estate (he was an agent at one point). So between Dean and his staff, Dean's students and my friend I think I have a good team already. I'm not a people person, but I think its time for me to get out of my shell and start taking the real estate by force!


Hi Jim,

WOW! The houses are pretty cheap wherever you're from! (your profile doesn't say) Way to jump in there, I'm rootin' for ya! Welcome to the family, it's a great place to be, for SURE!

Much success, I can't wait to read about your adventures!



Life's a Dance you learn as you go...GET HAPPY FEET!

"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed no hope at all." ~Dale Carnegie


Ooops guess I missed an area. I'm in Michigan where the economy is really effected by the auto industry. And the houses I were looking at were foreclosed houses, ergo the reason they are cheap. Smiling

I have to wonder if we are in the same area.....

I have to wonder if we are not in the very same area as we are also in michigan with some of these very basement prices. Smiling

James, I wish you only the best in all your deals.


Here's hoping!

Sorry for not posting in a while, but here is what I have been doing while absent here..

Been looking at foreclosed houses, seems like I look at a house, like it, and the next thing I know its gone! Just like that. Dean's advisors were saying that you need to make up your mind fast, and I learned that first hand. So I kept looking and looking, and finally found a house that I like. Says it is subject to a bank approved short sale. Short story, I made an offer on the house and I hope that it goes thru. Here's hoping.. now we have to wait a couple of days to find out if they accept or not. As my title says..... Here's Hoping!

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