Jackson's Journal

Jackson's Journal

Whatsup yall, my name's Jacks and I'm fresh to the DG community and courses.

I'm 25 years old, live in Southern California and have been interested in Real Estate and investing for quite some time and just this past March I was introduced to Dean's material while attending a Tony Robbins event.

The material and what Dean was talking about immediately clicked so I signed up for the program offered (4 weeks to Freedom I believe) and now am getting my feet wet with his 30 Days to Freedom book as well as getting ready for the edge in a couple weeks.

Anyways, I'm super excited to dive in and am currently in phase 1 of the 30 days book so my assignment is to research hot spots in the markets I'm looking in and to call a couple of agents in the area with the script provided. Can't wait and I know these baby steps will lead me to the next challenge.

I can already tell I'm in good company on the boards here and any critiques and celebrations are warmly welcomed. Can't wait to get started and share the successes with everyone here!

Cheers and Onwards!



sounds like you are on the right track. reading 30 days is the way to get started. see my signature for one of the videos you will need. the other video of how to find a realtor doesnt exist any longer. there are several people on here who are in california n and s. valuni, zion properties, and many more. So welcome and we look forward to hearing about your adventure. I must say i thought your writing skills to be quite exemplary. I thought wow he should sell his writing skills on FIVERR.COM. LOL......

on a final note i would like to suggest that you fill out your bio page. It really helps to know a little bit about you so we can better answer questions specific to your area.

all the best new DG'ER !!!

welcome to the family !

welcome to the family ! hope you love it here


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Just wanted to drop by and say welcome to the site...

At first if you don't succeed try, and try again..



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Good to hear, I'm excited to

Good to hear, I'm excited to build a strong network through the DG community, and thanks for the compliment on my writing skills, I wouldn't have thought so myself but it definitely strokes my ego Eye-wink,

5/4/15 - Journal - 1st Rejection!

Just got back from the Edge event in Scottsdale and WOW what an amazing event, from Dean to every speaker and every person I met just non-stop action and sheer awesomeness.

So cut today and I'm ready to take some action, I do some simple things like join some REI clubs on meetup and begin looking in my area and then decide it's time to eat the frog and MAKE A PHONE CALL. So I decide to call a few Keller Williams offices in Portland (I'm in Ventura) just to get my script right and get comfortable navigating the waters before I set up shop in my backyard.

First call, a little nervous but not too bad. Everything goes somewhat as planned, I talk to the receptionist and ask for realtors that work with Investors and she tells me there's 200 realtors in the office and a lot work with investors, what is it I do and what am I looking for specifically? (Keep in mind I didn't even glance back at the 30 days to make sure my script was right)

I had no idea how to respond so I just say what I've heard and try to sound as official as possible:
"I'm an out of state investor looking for unlisted properties for buy and holds and possibly rehabs." (Damn I'm good, right?)
She tells me to email her what I'm looking for and she'll put me in touch. Hey not so bad. Why not do another one?

This is where it got fun, I call the second one to a completely dispassionate receptionist who didn't offer her name, same thing, looking for realtor for investors, she connects me immediately without saying a word (I'm getting a vibe like it's just this guy and her in their office)

Him: "Hello this *dude's name*, how can I help?"
Me: "I'm an out of state investor looking to purchase homes in your area. Would you send me a list of cash buyers in your area in the last 90 days?"
Him: "No"
Him:"Why would I send you a list of my cash buyers?"

At this point I genuinely had no response. '****, good question, why should he send me the list? Because I'm me, son!'

anyways, total fail right on my face but I'm stoked to get out get roughed up a bit and on that note how should I respond? Did I totally botch the process or is he just a lame realtor?

Long post, thanks to anyone that read and hope to hear any advice you guys have!



so how did the edge event go... maybe one day here in a couple years ill get financially able to go myself...



Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve. FFA MOTTO

Ben Franklin's Autobiography free audiobook download-

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