How does one get started

How does one get started

How is one to begin this without any money? Where do you find unlisted properties? If it's on the net, then someone has found it before I and it is therefore listed.


Read Dean's book "30 Days to

Read Dean's book "30 Days to Real Estate Cash" He lays it out step by step

More than just knowing how

Hey Martin, maybe I can get you going in the right direction. I've heard some one say doing Real Estate and becoming successful is 80% mind set and 20% knowing how.
I think it's more like 90/10%
I luv how Dean gets you to break it down to find out why you want to do this, and it's not just the money, you got to go deep and it's really impressive how he gets you emotionally charged.
It's easy to get side tracked, but if you have the mind set that your going to prevail no matter how long it takes and how many times you fail, then you will succeed.
Also, read books and go on you tube to watch videos on Wholesaling RE and make it an obsession.
Learn to write down your goals, & learn how to be a great salesman.
I could go on and on, but the main thing is, get your mind set on succeeding no matter what.





I'm brand new.Just getting started,I'm in the first five days of 30 days to cash.It's amazing how I thought I knew what I wanted until I did the why 7 deep.What a eye opener.Then it also changes the way you think about setting goals.I'ts a lot of information to absorb from Dean and Matt.I'm anxious to get started,but dean said don't skip,read it all.I'm looking forward to meeting people in the D.G. family.

David R.


NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK! Keneke and Rando gave you great info in a few sentences. Also, if you don't belong to the local REIA, stop right now, go to and find the local one and figure out when the next meeting is and put it on your calendar, then come back and finish reading this post. You should be on every day reading some posts and learning, asking question, but don't be asking the basic questions if you haven't even read Dean's books. YOU NEED to show your investing your time and energy in this, not looking for the short cut. Find out if there are DGers in your area and meet up with them. We meet up with dgers here and just about anytime we travel. We have built relationships here online and then at different DG events and now have great relationships that feel like family. This is a networking business. Press forward and don't give up!



Reading Dean's books

I am new to this and I am currently reading Dean's "Profit From Real Estate Right Now" and I am so inspired and eager to learn! Then I'll read "30 Days to Real Estate Cash". I am setting a "take action plan" with goals, achievements, and accomplishments into real estate investing.

Thank you all D.G. family



Pedro E. Castillo



dont' get caught up reading...

Dean's books are amazing, but you don't want to get caught up reading and re-reading... you have to take action!

if you're reading the chapter about bandit signs... stop reading, put a bookmark in your book, and go out and put up bandit signs! How many? 25! 30! 35! 50! Whatever it takes to get your phone ringing!

Are you reading the chapter about networking? Put the book down, look up a rei club meeting, and attend one! Bring your business cards! Talk to other investors!

It's great to set up an 'action plan' but if you don't take action, the 'action plan' is useless! spend a day writing down your goals, but spend the next 7 days taking action!

good luck everyone!



“And will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!” ― Dr. Seuss

"I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends; I am surrounded by angels, but I call them friends" - Unknown

My journal:

Just do it


Wholesaling is the best way to get started without any of your own money and the best of Dean's books to help you with this is "30 Days to Real Estate Cash". I would suggest that you begin reading this book now and as suggested by Valerie after you read a chapter put the book down and go DO what you just learned to do.

Everyone has given you some great advice but it will not do you any good unless you take action.

Good luck to you and keep us all updated on your progress.



"Success is overcoming obstacles on the way to achieving your dreams"
- Karl Mecklenburg(former linebacker for the Denver Broncos)


I've been working on Real Estate for a while and the best advice I can give you is -don't take shortcuts-. You need to read 30 days to real estate cash in it's entirety and I'm not sure you'll "get it" in one passing so Read and re Read over and over until you understand the concepts. The worst thing you can do is get going on making offers and you didn't read or understand that, in order to make any money, you must have someone to pass that deal on to and that's your buyers. Gotta get the buyers before you find the properties. and so on and so on.
It's all in that incredible book. 30 days to Real Estate.
Best of luck to you and if you really want to be successful do your 7 deep to find your why, (also in the book)and don't quit!!



Mess it up

Haha, one of the Guru's I follow advises to just get out there and make a mess of things, and that you will figure things out. It's important to get started by doing even if you don't fully understand everything.
And that's what I did, I still screw things up and those are the best lessons.
If you keep reading books to try to learn everything 100% you may never get in gear.
I just got a book called Ready Fire Aim, about a guy that has stated many multi million dollar businesses because he just jumped in and got going.
I like how Dean got started on a small multi unit, he didn't spend much time reading books, he jumped on it and figured it out.
Education is important of course, but I think taking action is more important.



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