A New Beginning

A New Beginning


I already started a thread called 3....2....1....ACTION! and probably should have put it here, but since I didn't I'll just start from where I left off in that thread.

It's funny. I was going through my ideas on what I need to do next based on what I read in Dean's book, "Profit From Real Estate RIGHT NOW!" (HTPFRERN!). I decided it was time to find a Real Estate agent. Yuri said he found one, I've read other forum entries today that said they had one, and it was something I hadn't done. Basically, it just made sense to go after this step next.

I went through the steps of creating an e-mail account on gmail. I verified my phone number and everything so I can post in the Services section on craigslist. I did the whole nine yards.

As I'm going to post, I go blank and I pull out a Dean's book HTPFRERN! because I remember he had verbiage in the book already on what to post when looking for an agent/partner. Anyway, I go to post and I remember an agent who I found who said she'd help me when I got my real estate license.

I told her about my property in NY and did all of the things I had to do help her understand I'm not someone who just watched an infomercial last night, or ordered a book expecting unrealistic results without taking action, or someone who signed up for online training without knowledge of the hard work and effort I'll have to apply to the my knowledge augmented by reading Dean's book. The bottom line was I wanted to let her know I know what I'm looking to do. (Thanks Dean!) Smiling

I told her what I was looking for and that I'd be offering 30% less than FMV on some properties. I didn't know what to expect (her reaction), you know? I hate being told no. Eye-wink

What I found was a real estate agent who said, "Oh.. I've worked with people like that before. They have me submit 10 orders at prices well below FMV and they tell me, 'Just trust me one will bite'." I'm like, "Oh brother here we go!" Eye-wink But when she continued she shared "And sure enough they do get them." Smiling I breathed a mental sigh of relief.

I've added a real estate agent in my area to my network! Smiling Next week she'll be submitting houses in a specific area I'm targeting that are over 90 days and she's motivated to help! Smiling

I so NEVER would have thought of doing this w/o Dean's book!!!


Finding A Mortgage Broker

According to Dean's book, "How To Profit From Real Estate RIGHT NOW!" I also knew I had to find a mortgage broker. I didn't include this in my original thread 3....2....1....ACTION! because the post was getting too long.

I have sold 2 homes and purchased 3 since I've lived in this area. Because of this I have I was able to add a good Real Estate Mortgage Broker on my team too. Smiling These guys aren't hard to find, but I recommend you find a reputable one who understands about risks.

If I take a inventory of things I need to be successful in Real Estate. Right now I have a buyer, a mortgage broker, and a REALTORĀ®. I need a property and a seller next.

I'll keep you updated. I've posted enough. Smiling I'm outta here and back to studying Academy stuff before you guys kill me for being so chatty. Laughing out loud

Thanks for sharing

You are more than half way through. Good luck

Thanks Kim!

I hope you're right! Smiling

Thanks for the good luck wishes. I believe all goodwill helps with our efforts to overcome all the negativity around us that tries to tell us "you can't do it".

So thank you for taking time out to say such a nice and selfless thing like you did. Smiling


Sounds like you are mov'n and groov'n. Keep us all posted on what is going on. Good Luck!!

What to Go Nova Invest

Great steps in the right direction. I am excited to see your success. Keep us posted. Do did you post the letter from Dean's book? If so did you get a response?


Erika, REI
Brownstone Investment Group

Job 22:21 Submit to God, and you will have peace; then things will go well for you.
Job 22:28 You will succeed in whatever you choose to do, and light will shine on the road ahead of you.
Deut 28:8 The Lord will guarantee a blessing on everything yo do and will fill your storehouses with grain. The Lord you God will bless you in the land he is giving you.


tindan123 wrote:
Sounds like you are mov'n and groov'n. Keep us all posted on what is going on. Good Luck!!

Hi Tindan,

You are so sweet! Smiling Smiling Smiling Thank you.

Like I said above, good luck vibes rock in Heaven and on this good earth, so thank you from the bottom of my heart, you hear?

Good luck to you too, btw. Smiling


ekn2god wrote:
Great steps in the right direction. I am excited to see your success. Keep us posted. Do did you post the letter from Dean's book? If so did you get a response?
Hi Erika! Smiling

No I never posted the letter from Dean's book. I didn't need to now that I have someone. Smiling

I am looking to place a buyer in CA, so maybe I'll post his letter in CA after I speak to this referral that came via word of mouth.

Thanks for the kudos about taking steps in the right direction!!! Have a blessed day and a powerful weekend! Laughing out loud

The first day of the rest of my life!

I. Nova i would tell you good luck, The only problem is...People that do not take "no" for a answer...Make their on LUCK! Everything sounds good in your "J".


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