Need inspiration on No Money Down techniques

Need inspiration on No Money Down techniques

I know gifted talkers can get results with desparate sellers but I have not seen any detailed No Money Down techniques here.

Are they working for anyone?

Did you have to pay for a Lawyer to get Started?

Did the Seller accept a delayed Earnest Deposit such as that mentioned in Dean's book named Profit from Real Estate Now!

How much of an Earnest Deposit did you make?

How much total up-front costs did it take for you to get the deal completed.

It would be REAL NICE to see some SOLID EXAMPLES of true No Money Down Techniques being used so that we all know that they can actually be used.

I had a Hard Nosed Real Estate Agent say that I could not do ANYTHING without a license. This is Bull!

I have found out that in Massachusetts I will need to use an Agent to do an Assignment. I have to verify this but I did read about it on the Web.

NOTE: Finding a cooperative and/or agent who believes in creative deals is NO EASY TASK around here.

Any and all feedback welcome!



I find myself in the position of having a prospected buyer,but he he has only $4k as a downpayment, and not much of a credit history. So I am very interested to see the response to this.

where there is a will there is a way

grandpa wrote:
I find myself in the position of having a prospected buyer,but he he has only $4k as a downpayment, and not much of a credit history. So I am very interested to see the response to this.

4k is good enough to put a downpayment on a home. Tell your potential buyer that he doesn't need to deal with banks, that's why it's helpful to have a mortgage broker, they will get the deal done granted your interest rate might be a little higher than your national average but you can always refinance later...I haven't done an assignment...yet; i speak from my experience cause i bought my condo in cali 2 yrs ago with 3k down and got $1800 back at condo was 300k so there you go.


Needs some serious motivation...Should i contact agents with short sales or the sellers themselves, Have the address but only agent's number.

Questions about Buisiness Cards

I wanted to know is it really necessary to have a buisiness set up before you get buisiness cards? The coaches at success academy keep telling me it is. I dont even have the 50 dollars needed to get a solepropeiter buisiness in Fl.After all I spent all the money I had on a down payment for this course.

Just an observation but...

From your initial post, you have apparently NOT read much of the post on this site because it is filled with others that have used Dean's NMD techniques and with lots of success.

I would simply tell you to start reading to find an answer to your question.


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And i will ad

When it comes to sellers,All they are really doing is selling to you! So it is a must... To sell yourself!And yes you can no money down, Two answers with one theme...You have to earn it! There is always a price to pay and if you do not have the money you better come with...ACTION!

make your ACTIONS count.
P.S.Thank-you for sharing


Anita, TY, it takes a buddy to bring us back,I talked to banks,brokers and agents today,and if I listen to them I would not be doing this.But then I come here and read and remember, that more millions are made in R.E. than any other investments, and this market is the one to surpass all others. I`m going to help people get homes that was`nt able to before. Hard working people that pay their bill, but can`t save enough for the downpayment. These people are paying 12 to 1500 every month for rent, so I know they can pay mortgages of that amount.And if I can get them downpayment assistance,their payments would be lower than renting. So THANKS Anita,for putting my head back in the game.
Go get them ppl.

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