Bryant's Every Other Day "Daily Journal"

Bryant's Every Other Day "Daily Journal"

5/04/2009-Received Dean G's book "Profit From Real Estate Right Now!" and dug right into it.
5/09-Getting extremely excited about going out there and making things happen NOW!
6/3/09-Flames started to dime a little on my excitement in May because I was getting too far ahead of my goals and ambitions. Made several Ad signs and setup my coaphonesolutions voicemail(without any hits thus far). Today though is the start of a brighter flame once again. With all of the ads that I've placed on craigslist for REA's and Buyers with no success, I' finally made contact with a local REI who's been in this for just as long as I have with the same results as I have(Smiling. I contacted him about the two of us working together to make this thing work out for the both of us and he agreed. We're about a half hour away from each other and are going to meet up for coffee and discuss our next move. Now I'm feeling more confident in myself and I know for a fact that the two of us will make our first deal within the next several weeks together. That's it for today. More tomorrow.

6/4/09---7:45am Woke up and fixed my daughter breakfast before school. Then I turned on my computer and checked my e-mail messages. Great news! I've received an e-mail back one of the homeowners that I been trying to get to let my get their properties locked into a contract. Well the Contract of Assignment" is out of the question, but they did offer me $3000 per property if I brought them a buyer that will buy their properties. Well that's still like doing a Contract Of Assignment and me deciding to sell the contract to another investor for $3000 per contract. Smiling

8:40am Finished writing in my "Not So Everyday" Daily Journal.


Bryant Slade

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