Vern's Journal

Vern's Journal

Today I finally took action. I read Dean's books about 2 months. About a month ago I joined the Success Academy which is truly a great investment. The academy, along with everyone on this forum, gives so much encouragement on being successful in real estate.

Today I finally contacted some real estate agents in my area using the techniques in PFRERN and got replies within an hour or so. I am going to wait about a week to see who else replies so I can make the best choice. I also joined my local REI group and the first meeting is next week. I am excited and hope to find some other investors that I will be able to work with.

I am excited and glad I have finally got the ball rolling with this and hope to make 20-30 deals within the next 12-18 months. Thank you all for your support and stay tuned!



You are the right track! Keep us posted on how things go from here! Don't slow down or give up, keep moving every day.

Thanks for the words of

Thanks for the words of encouragement!

Over the weekend I received many responses to the emails I sent out to RE Agents. It's going to be tough to figure out which will be my best option. I plan on meeting with a few of them when I get some free time on my hands.

I also received a few responses to an AD I put on CL for cash buyers, probably won't be anything but who knows.

This Friday is the first meeting of the REI Club I joined, I'm excited for that.

I also set up my S-Corp, got my free website through Dean (Thanks!) and set up a twitter account so I can start networking.

If anyone is looking for a Realtor, I highly suggest going to - Make the Realtor come to YOU, don't waste time searching for them. Just be up front like Matt Larson said in Profit From Real Estate Now and weed out the ones that won't want to work with you.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


Thanks for making me aware of this site. You learn something new everyday here.........Continued success! Lubertha



Great Info

This site is great, easy. Thanks so much. Good luck.


Erika, REI
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Congratulations on reading Dean's book and taking action. I am sure you will enjoy the DG website because it is packed with great information and friendly people. Good luck with your real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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We will watch your progres!

We will watch your progres! It's great to have you here. Whats your twitter name?


Stop thinking just DO IT!

My twitter page is

My twitter page is - not completely finished yet Im still figuring it out

Yeah there's a lot of help

Yeah there's a lot of help on the site!


~ Grace (If Donald Trump can do it YOU BETTER BELIEVE I CAN!!) btw I drew my display pic

hello, you should up load a

hello, you should up load a pic. If you need help with witter go to my journal i have a link that could help you.


Stop thinking just DO IT!

Thanks Cashflow will do. So

Thanks Cashflow will do.

So Friday was the first meeting of the local REI club. It was just a mid-month meeting so there wasn't a huge turnout. However, the people there were very helpful and gave me great advice on making a plan and acting on it. It was also very interesting to hear what different investors were up to, what new techniques they were using, horror stories etc... One investor even told me that and/or assigns was unnecessary, as all contracts are assignable as long as there is not a "no assignments" clause (I know a real estate lawyer I'm going to run it by).

Today I posted more ads on CL and Backpage looking for buyers. I'm gonna fool around with twitter a little more and then hopefully get some sleep tonight. I also contacted 2 real estate agents I hope will work out.

Tomorrow I will be going to the registry of deeds to look for properties in probate so I can try and contact the executors and find some deals!

What else should I do tomorrow?

thanks and stay tuned!


Good job

Good job on taking action! Good things will happen just believe and big things will happen. Keep us posted.



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Today was somewhat

Today was somewhat productive. I went to probate court to find the Public Notices of Probate but I found out quickly when I got there I didn't really know what I was doing...back to the research!

Today I also started work on a new website, and ordered business cards.

Tomorrow I am meeting a REA for lunch. We've chatted over email and he seems eager to work with me. I hope it goes well!

Thanks and Stay Tuned!


p.s. Today I was looking at recent real estate sold in the local newspaper and saw an LLC sold a house to a private person at FMV. Can you say investor?! I'll try and contact them tomorrow and see if I can add them to my buyers list!


Sounds like you did alot today and

Warm regards,


Tomorrow's the big day

Tomorrow night is the big night. Its the monthly REI club meeting. They are expecting 100 people, so I'm hoping to get some buyers on my list, learn from other investors and maybe get an equity partner.

The meeting with Shane my REA went well and I think we will work well together.

My business cards came in which will come in handy tomorrow.

I found 3 condos for sale together, 9 beds 3 baths 3300 sq ft. asking 350k.

Got to run the numbers and find out what kind of condition the inside is in...that will be my work for tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.


Hi Vern,
Just wanted to say, congrats on your next step! I was able to go to my first this past wednesday. Met several people. One couple from the site. Met a an attorney. And a mortgage broker. So have the best time ever! Much success............Lubertha



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