Down Under Tech's REI Progress

Down Under Tech's REI Progress

Hello DG Fam : First, I want to thank Dean G. personally for showing us if we can dream it, it can become reality. I bought Deans books last month from watching his infomercial. I am tired of working week to week and using my Fridays as my bill paying days with nothing left over. I want to get somewhere in my life. After I read Dean's book " Profit from Real Estate Now", I am slowly in the process of getting off my back pants pockets of my jeans so to speak. I joined the DG Foreclosure Alert. I also purchased the AFF program, (Automated Foreclosure Finder). I have set up my official looking website & I have an 800 number now. I named my new company "Express Property Investments". You can find me on the web at I would like it you could visit my website and give any feedback you can offer, good or bad. I would like to thank MyDestiny (Lubreatha), & Indiana-Joe for their words of support & inspiration. It is always helps when other members are team players and willing to help. I can feel times are a changing. I have fair credit but no money to use to invest. I really like Matt Larson's 25:1 strategy and I plan to get with my REA to see if she is willing to make multiple offers on my behalf. If I can do a couple of deals with assignments, I will have more resources to start to buy and rent or flip these properties. I will keep you informed as to when I do my first "Killer Deal".I hope all of you can get motivated and off your "Pants Pockets" , too. I am starting to feel like one of the "Allman Brothers Band" members, a (Ramblin Man). I think I have taken up enough of your time and keep up the good work. $$$ John Dye *** Learn all you can, because after you learn it, they can't take it back *** (JD)



Hello all: Today I added my website to several search engines so buyers, sellers and investors can find my site. This should get things rolling. Well, Take Care Good Luck on your pursuits. John


Wow and you are moving right along and looks like you really want to change your over and I am proud of you. Yes we do have a very good support group here and want all of us to make it to the top where Dean's at. The website looks awesome ! See you up there someday ! Good luck !

Warm regards,

Paul T. La Moy


Thanks Paul: It sure does a person's self esteem wonders when someone gives their approval of the work that you are doing. I am going to succeed at this. I put my all into everything I try. I know this will take time but I am not going anywhere except up. I hope all is going in your favor, too Paul. Thanks again, John


Congrats on getting started and taking the steps you need for success. You will get there soon at the rate you are going. Good job and keep up teh good work. Let us know when you make your 1st offer and keep us posted on your success. All the best.



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Hi Jeremy: I see you dress for success by your picture. Thank you for the kind words. We just need to get up off of it and act on the things Dean is teaching us, right? I really feel motivated by reading all of the blogs posted by the DG Fam. Have a good one, John *** Learn all you can, because after you learn it, they can't take it back! *** (JD)


I will keep everyone updated as to when I submit my first offer and the rest will be history. (PS, Bruce is the BOSS) !!! John

God Bless

god bless

Divine Connection

Thanks Gerard: Right back at ya. Take care, John

If You Want To "WIN" You Have To Get Off The Bench !!!

Hello DG Fam: This is an update as to what is going on with me. Today I went online to Office Depot and I designed & ordered my business cards. They have the raised ink that are very high quality. I also just got home from my first REI meeting. It was scary, but if you start by taking baby steps, soon you can run with the best of them. I got some business cards from a contractor, a real estate agent that was into doing REO's and Short-Sales. How convenient? I talked to a broker/lender. And I talked to an investor that is willing to give me advice as I need it. You can bet I will be spraying the next REI meeting with my business cards next month when I go again. Watch out Dean because I am in a hurry to get right up there with you! Ha Ha, lol. I now have two websites. I also talked to a REA today and she turned me down because she felt uncomfortable about what I wanted to do. She told me I would find the RIGHT REA as long as I looked around. Believe me I intend to. Just like all of you and Dean are saying is to "Act & You Will Receive". I found a property that is in Pre-Foreclosure and the owner has had it since 78. I will get in touch with him and see if I can be of service to him. I will let you know what happens. Can you say First Killer Deal??? I hope I can !!! Well everyone Take Care & Good Luck on Your Deals. John D. " If you think you can, you can. And If you think you can't, you're right". ---Henry Ford


is a good year. Smiling lol Go get 'em tiger.


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Thanks: I will get 'em with the guidance of everybody on this site. Today I will start to make phone calls to the contacts I got business cards from last night at the REI meeting. Thank for your encouragement. John D. *** "Learn all you can, because after you learn it, they can't take it back". J.D. ***


I wish this was an update to say I made my first deal, but it is not. As Charlie Brown would say, "drat". I talked to a second REA today who was referred to me by the REA I met Tuesday night at the REI club. She is looking forward to helping me and she gave me a contact to a mortgage broker that I can use to pre-qualify my buyers so they can become OWNERS. Now I have two REAs I can depend on for their help. I can't wait for my business cards to come in. I will be a card shark with them. Everybody gets one, or more if they ask. They will be flowing freely. Tomorrow I am going to take one of the flyers I made up on Dean's AFF program to the office supply store and get a bunch of copies made. I will hit the grocery stores, laundry mats and apartment buildings I can get permission to post them at. I hope everyone is doing OK. Take care, John D. *** "If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, your right!" *** --- Henry Ford

The Edge Home-Study Course & NV Foreclosure Consultant License?

Hello everyone: I just wanted to tell you that I bought Dean's "Edge" dvd course. I think I can, I think I can !!! I know I will be able to make money in the RE business now. I also found out today that I need a Foreclosure consultant license in the state of Nevada. On July 1st of this year, Nevada has past a law that Mortgage or Foreclosure consultants be licensed to do business in Nevada. As of today only FOUR companies/consultants have applied for these licenses. Of the four applications submitted, ALL have been returned as incomplete. I have not talked to any potential customers about foreclosures yet. I found out what the charges for the license cost $185 for a foreclosure consultant. I feel that a torpedo has just gone off beside my fishing boat and I am taking on water. The ship is going down before it even gets launched from dry-dock. Is this my Titanic? Should I jump overboard with a life jacket on or just jump out with out a life jacket? This is very annoying. I guess I will try to buy short-sales or REO's. I won't be doing assignments from foreclosures or from FSBO's. This is the way I wanted to get started in REI, because I have no money for the down payments. Where do I go from here? Thanks, Johnny D.

I now have the "EDGE"

Hello everyone: I have received my Edge Kit last Saturday. I have been watching the dvds and reading the manual since then. It is loaded with massive amounts of info. I found out that the strategy I wanted to do, (assignments) is the one that is right for me to start with for now. I can try the birddog approach as well. I know of a family friend that has a house for sale. When I get my balloon off the ground, I can later buy & flip or buy & rent. I am very handy with my hands, since I am an auto mechanic. I started placing ads on craigslist and I need to wait until I see what happens there. I am looking for buyers & sellers. I have gone so far, but I have more to do. I will get things rolling soon. Thanks, until the next up-date may the Lord be with you, and you know our DG fam will be here for you, too. Take care all, Johnny Reno

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