Question form new member

Question form new member

Hello everyone! I am also a new member and I have been reading the books and studying on Deans website now for a few weeks every chance I get. I have learned a lot but I still have a ways to go!

My question is: Not too long after receiving Dean’s books I also got a call from The Coaching Staff, they have called me twice now.

I am just now getting back to work from being laid off, but hey, if you guys advise me to go ahead and pay the fee for ten months, then I will try and find away.

Please somebody out there give me something, put some wind back in my sails.

Thank you!! And good luck to all!



You can do it with no money,

You can do it with no money, The coach program is a great investment if you can do it. Others have done well after investing in it. I could not do it because it didnt work for me financially.
You can start out by bird dogging or wholesaling. That requires alot of energy and time but no money. read thru the posts and read up on those 2 strats. Then follow Deans instructions. You can do this, you just have to put the effort into it.
good luck

Thank you!

Thank you so very much for the response and guidance. I will follow your advice; that was a great tip and needed! Eye-wink

I am prepared to work. I have already put many hours in this, I will move forward!

Thanks again and best of luck to you as well. Smiling




i thinks its great though because you can ask them a million questions. call them anytime. when you get in a deal and don't know what to do you can ask them that makes it worth it.

good luck hope this helps



My approach to the coaching initially was to go thru the online courses, learn more, and then ask them questions.
Then I decided to use then for a little different approach. I decided one day it was time to take action, not think about it anymore. Seeing that I had the coaching lined up, I decided to just go for it and let then bail me out with information. I have to say, they have been excellent. I found a house I wanted, called them, made an offer we talked about, called them.......................etc. Smiling
They walked me thru each step and it is my new approach for the first deals as a way to get going and stop reading.

I will admit the financial commitment can be impossible for many, but I felt it was worth figuring out how to do it.

I wish you the best of luck in your venture, just remember, take action, change your life!!



Thanks guys for the responce, I will take your advice!

Samantha Smiling



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