HopeThisWorks Journal Time

HopeThisWorks Journal Time

Hello all. I read Deans book last week and have been lurking ever since. I have never been into the motivational side of things, but I am an extremely optimistic person and love the vibe from this community

Quick Background:
-26 years old and just moved to Phoenix.
-12k in debt to almost being married and a very bad year of my life.
-Starting over and I want to be free of debt and monetary concern.
-I live a simple life and plan to put my money to very good use.
-I am extremely honest, and sometimes assume others are trying to do the right thing, rather than just being jerks
-I have played poker professionally for a year,and no I will not lose in the long run Cool
-I have had alot of jobs, and dont want to end up like my parents
-I am willing to work harder than most

-Assign and bird dog 50 properties in 18 months
-After month 18 to month 36 own 10 properties and assign 50
-After month 36 to month 52 own 20 properties and assign 25

I took the initiative two days ago and made phone calls and sent emails. I have bird dogged 1 property already, have a real estate agent, and plan on putting in offers in early august. I would like to assign atleast 4 properties by the end of august.

I have the ability to talk to people like a human being and not a salesman, and I hope this gives me the edge on most people trying to get properties cheap.

I hope to be involved in this community, and I wish you all the best of luck.




Congratulations on reading Dean's book and being on the best real estate website. Today is a new day and you can achieve your goals. It sounds like you have a good plan put together now is the time to continue the work on your plan. Learn from the past and alwasy look forward keeping your eye on the goal. Each day can move your closer to your goals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Making Headway

I spoke with a guy who has a buy houses ad. He spoke with me for a while about his lease option deals that he can bring me in on. He says he will split the option with me if I can get the seller,and he will bring the buyer.

My real estate agent slash friend say to watch out for these lease options as the mortgage stays in the original owners name and they can come back to bite you in the ass. Any thoughts?

Still waiting to hear about my other offers. I will let you all know asap

More Headway

Thanks Joe for your kind words.

Through my many phone calls and emails I have come up with 3 buyers already. The first I have already referred a property to him at a lower than asking price and he is giving me 20% of his profit from that. He likes 3br2bth houses,usually fixer uppers. The other likes fixeruppers, but does not have such criteria.

The third will take any home that he can rent out and hold on to. So the price has to be good monthly for the local rent price. He wants to bring me in ona lease option with people, but I am confused and worried this may be a bad way to go as it keeps the original buyers name on the mortgage. I have been doing research on that but not sure how I feel about it.

My friend who will be my REA is putting a list of homes that have been on the market for over 90 days together, then we will get a list of every home ina certain criteria and begin volume offers trying to get a good deal.

Wish me luck

Bingo Bango

I have a REA now. He sent me 300 listings. Those that have been on the market for more than 90 days,and price range and specs of the 4 BUYERS I already have on my list. My newest buyer is looking to buy 5+ houses at a time.

This is very exciting, and I hope to have offers on atleast 100 houses by monday,and start making some real money.

Without Encrouragement

Without much encouragement from my family, friends, girlfriend or even this website I still push forward on my road to success.

Yesterday was a conference call with a buy who told me he has investors on his end buying up 20 and 40 million dollars worth of property at 70% FMV. He is going to take 11 properties I have found through another guy. He says I can make around a grand for each house I bring him, and I don't have to do anywork or even lock it up on contract. I had my agent/friend draft a service rendered contract.

Having a conference call with a selling group right now. I am offering them their full offers in cash, with a $2,000 fee tacked on each on the side for me for each house they bring to me at between 60% and 70% FMV. They will be able to unload without marketing their cash value at a much greater speed than they could before.

I will be making $2,000 from them on each house, and another $1,000 by the seller. I have 9 houses already sent to the buyers, and I am waiting on a conference call from the sellers to tell me whats next. WOOHOOOO.

Wish me luck



And so on

Thanks MsCharlie. I hope in the next few days Ill have the goods to show from my hard work.

I have run into a snag, and that of course is people dragging their feet. These super buyers that told me it would be a one day shot, have taken 2 days now, and the seller is getting nervous about the whole deal.

I also am having trouble figuring out how to legally get paid by the seller for my services. He does not want a services rendered contract since I am not an agent. Non of this will matter though if the buyers turn out to be a flake. Hopefully Ill know by 2pm today, and all will be good.

Wish me luck


So the first deal didn't work. Buyer was all talk. Luckily I smooth talked with the seller and he is fine with doing business down the line when I find people more reliable. He appreciated my honesty when it came down to it.

Now I found a much bigger seller, who unfortunatly my buyers will not deal with because he is well known for over pricing deals. So if everyone knows him, then I of course can't be a middle man.

I want to have my first big deal done in August, as well as lose about 20lbs. I am not getting discouraged and trying to move on and make that first killer deal.

Wish me luck

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