The Success Academy

The Success Academy

hi everybody, im interstion to join The Success Academy but still i have no idea what is about and how it works...
it is courses? (like school); coaches? training? books? all of that?
how many hours? how many days? month?
how much?

what YOUR experiense if you did it was?

where can i get more information about that?
(without go thru all the sale people over the phone...)

i really appritiate your reply!
have a great day all!


Go for it

ppablo55 I joined the academy about 3 weeks ago and I believe it's the best educational tool I've ran across. You do it online at your pace and they literally walk you through the steps of building your REI business. It's not cheap but it is 100% tax deductible. And you can earn your money back from them if you do 5 deals in 12 or 18 months (can't remember which it is) worth at least $1000 each deal. You could even make your money back on your first deal. They are VERY friendly and VERY helpful and they will always be there for you if you get stuck and need help figuring something out. They genuinely CARE about you and want you to succeed. They are a team of several REI that know their stuff.

I hope that helps.
Good luck.


Owen Properties, LLC


yes the academy in my opinion is really helpful and i believe an awesome teaching tool that you would be glad you enrolled in.the coaches r there at a phone call and any ? you have or ask they will have or find the answer to.
it starts off teaching you what to look for in real estate.example:single family homes,residential,commercial,vacant land etc,etc, and teaches what or how each is either a good return on investment or less than the also teaches you to learn your investing area and gives you action items after each course to take action on .exampl:interview-5-10 realtors , banks , mortgage brokers and find 1-2 to work with.
this is just one course ,there are multiple courses included in the total package.if you need more info pm me and i will be glad to explain more if you need.


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need to sell ?
Need me to FINANCE a home ?

thats IN...;)

Thanks for your reply!
I sing up yesterday! hope it will be how it sounds..Eye-wink
Ill updated you how it goes..

Have a beautiful day!


way to go i am sure you will be glad you joined.if you put your energy into it you will get great returns!! learn at a steady pace,dont give up and be patient.yes keep me informed of how you are proceeding,good luck and i am happy to see you taking action,you are on your way to financial freedom!!


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need to sell ?
Need me to FINANCE a home ?

The Success Academy

Just joined 2 days ago. Its a VIDEO COURSE. For the people that have a hard time reading books its a must. I have started the action items on the first 3 lessons. There is a web site that you can place a FREE ad to find sellors , buyers, and investors in your area code and area around you.
Found a local paper to place ad in, cost $7 a inch to build my sellor, buyers, an investors list. One of the Q & A comments talked about LLC and that you can get one on line at Legalzoom ( ) so I am going to look into that soon. And check on the prices.
Looking forward to my first deal.


sucess academy

joined on the 18th, lots of info. i think once i get the hang of using the live chat and phone in help it will be great. one just has to let it absorb and not try to do it all at once. hope this helps.

You Are On the Right Path

I am from the old mentor program, so needless to say I am a believer. You are on the right path. Read, study, read, study, and stay on this site.
Good Luck......Jan

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