Chris' Journal

Chris' Journal

so today i just realized they have "member journals" at, which might i add i think is one of the coolest things EVER!

so since ordering the "Empowering Conversations" dvd's i ahve been totally motivated to doing this, and not only that, but just from hearing Dean encourage all of us, it just made me a happy person. i dont think ive gotten mad or angry in the past 2 days! which is great! lol

today i started re-reading "Be A Real Estate Millionaire" and im already starting chapter 3. and something that im doing this time around, is on my laptop i created a real estate folder and im taking notes on each chapter to go back a read them. which is a good idea for me becuase i remember the things i wrote down. (for the most part)

and right before ifound the member journals i was looking at this products. and im making it a personal goal of mine to own ALL products by dean. and i wanna try to buy a new one every 2 months, until i have them all. except the automated forclosure finder will take longer to save up for.

so i think im gonna wrap up my first journal post with this:

1. Finish "Be A Real Estate Millionaire" and "Profit From Real Estate Right Now" by December

2. Find a way to join Deans Success Academy

3. Own ALL Dean Graziosi products

4. Do lots of deals in 2010

5. Meet Dean in person and be interviewed by Dean himself in his studio! (the most im looking forward to)

6. Help everyone at as much as i can. (:

Till next time,



Welcome! I wish you all the best in REI and look forward to hearing about your journey.

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Congratulations on taking actio nand starting your journal. It looks like your off to a great start. Just remember to do a little each day to get you closer to yoru goals. You want to learn as much as you can and that will prepare you for your future deals. Good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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wow busyy.

wow, i cant believe it. i havent picked up one of deans book in a few days, and i feel so stressed out about that. haha. i guess just reading his books puts me in a good mood. but that is what im going to do write after i finish writing this.

so in the past few days ive been superr busy. sunday was a church dayy all day, the church i go to is starting a new church! (: that is totally exciting, to me anyways. monday was just a busy day i had to go help a friend clean his house so renters can move in. which in my opinion in real estate related becuase i found out what its like to clean a house that was rented and trashed. and later that night i had to work at a martial arts gym ( i volenteer there to get hours for college grants). yesterday i worked again and worked out.

but today i was flipping through channels and i happen to see on the guide "forclosure (something)" and so i switched to it, just to listen and see if i can say "Dean says i can do it many ways just not one way" lol. and it was Deans show! so i decided around 10:00pm i would study real estate becuase thats when im most relaxed. lol

so im gonna get off here and take another step towards reaching my dream! Laughing out loud

Look at those goals!!

WOW - I wish I had found the "journals" section as I started Dean's books.

Congrats on finding your way here and getting started Chris! The journals section on this site has become my favorite section!!

Look forward to seeing those "baby action steps" to your goals.

Thanks for sharing with us and keep us posted!


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"just watch and wait"

i just feel so confident in myself even more then before that i can succeed in real estate. i was talking to my brother and mother about "Profit From Real Estate Right Now" (becuase thats the book im currently reading) and what do you know, i start talking about locking deals up on contract and assigning them. that is when the family debate started.

of course those in my family who know nothing about real estate and have no interest in doing real estate were the FIRST ones to tell me its not possible.
their main point of the arguement was "there is no incentive for the seller to letting you lock their property up on contract" and EVERYTIME i would try to reply and answer their question it went to something different about how it cant work. then as i would answer that question it went back to the incentive arguement.

after about 15 minutes the conversation went nowhere, but i was able to look at them with confidence and say "just watch and wait." i walked away from that arguement with a smile on my face and more drive in my system to prove them wrong very soon.

i have to admit for a second they started to get to me. until i heard Dean's voice saying "you know you can do this, and I know YOU can do this." lol. so thanks to the "voice of Dean" inside my head. i hope i hear that alot more often.

But, on a brighter side i started reading Profit From Real Estate Right Now yesterday, and i am already mor theen 3/4 of the way finished. i will prolly even finish this tonight. and today i also contacted and old friend who is a Real Estate Broker/Agent, seeing if she would be willing to work with me. I also looked on craigslist to try and find some investors. in addition i created a new email for real estate investing only. (: its been a great day!

until next time..

Hey Chris

Isnt it funny how people cant just be happy and supportive of your goals and dreams.Im all to familiar with that drama.I feel its just that they are afraid of the unknown.

On the other hand, we all believe and support you! Keep focused, and follow your plan, what have you got to loose?

" What you think of me is none of my business.What is most important is what I think of myself" -unknown

Happy Investing


Make an effort, Not an excuse.



thank you for the kind words, there greatly appreciated. but what i find most funny is the main people who arent supportive is always family. but at least im mature enough to know that they dont know any better, and know nothing about real estate. as well as with my success im still gonna be there to support and help all of them whenever i can.

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