Mr.Big Sellers Journal

Mr.Big Sellers Journal

Hello everyone, I just seen a home on the internet and contacted the seller by email. I asked the seller if he was selling the home and he said the home is still for sale. The home is very nice frome his picture that i saw.

Here is what was posted by the seller:
Square Footage:2500
Year Built:2006

Garage Size:0.0
Lot Size:30x100 Ft.
0.07 Acre(s)
Fireplace, Central AC, Carpeted Floors, Patio/Balcony, Spa/Jacuzzi

This is a newly constructed townhome which includes:
- Fully Furnished & decorated
- Wall to Wall Carpets
- Foyer / Living Room with chairs and table
- Dining Room with Dining Table and chairs
- Kitchen - Appliances and Granite Countertop
- Family Room - 2 couches, table, chair and Gas Fireplace
- Master Bedroom w/ queen bed, bedroom furniture outdoor balcony, sitting area, & master bath w/ granite countertops & jacuzzi tub
- Laundry Room w/ Washer & Dryer
- Bedroom #1 w/ double bed and bedroom furniture
- Bedroom #2 w/ double bed and bedroom furniture
- Bedroom #3 w/ (2) twin beds and bedroom furniture

- Central Air & Gas Heat
- TV's in bedrooms & Family Room
- Back Yard Deck
- Outdoor Shower
Willing to negotiate
For Sale

The seller posted all this. He also had pictures and they looked very nice. This sellers home been on the market for more than 4 months and I noticed he mentionaed on his post that he was a " motivated seller" and he was willing to negotiate. That put a smile on my face.

The seller and I spoke by email that went like this:

Mr.BigSeller:Mr.Seller I'd like to talk to you and ask u about your property. I can do a closing within 40 days time. If your interested please email me back, sending your phone number and the best time to call you.

Motivated Seller:Yes, our property is still for sale.


Mr. BigSeller,

I realized you sent me an email back in August regarding your business and we are not interested in brokering a deal with a Real estate investor to become a “middle-man” in helping sell our home or in “selling some of the equity in our home”. If you are interesting in purchasing our home, we would certainly work out a deal to sell it to you, at which time you can do whatever deal you want.


Motivated seller

Mr. Big Seller:
Yes Seller I understand, let me resay the "middle-man" thing. Right now at our present time in this country people are having a hard time selling their homes. The conventional way of selling a home is often proven useless rightnow. In that said, Ive decided to use a more creative and unconventional way to buy your home. If we can come to a final negotiation, Id like to have a Real estate contract agreement signed that says that Ill buy your home within 30 days or less, or the contract is null and void. After this is done,using my marketing skills I'll assign your contract to a motivated cash investor in exchange for money. Mr. Garback Im not taking money from your homes equity, its the contract that is being sold. I'll do this through an assignment contract. The contract lets the investor take over my contract with you, so that the buyer can then purchase your home. Your home will be bought by the a motivated buyer, I will be paid at the time of the escrow, and your home will be sold. Now, what I'd like to do, if your willing, is to speak to you about your home and to visit your property, to see if it has potential. So that I wont suprise you, and to let you know who I am, I am nineteen years old. I have no money, no car, a highschool education, and I have never done a real estate deal before. What I do have, is the mind to succeed. I am serious about what I like to do. Seller, I understand if your not interested and im sorry for wasting your time. If you are interested, please leave me your phone number and the best time to call you.

Respectfully, Mr.BigSeller

Thats it everyone, this is what is happening so far. When I speak to the seller I'll carry on by Deans book, step by step. I plan on getting his home sold at least 30% below FMV and assigning it to a cash investor for 5,000 dollars.Yes I am scared, but my bravery for success wont stop me.
I havent found a real estate agent to help me out, but I believe I wont have any problem doing that once I tell them I found a killer deal.

Id like to know everyones opinion on how im doing so far.

Ill keep posting this diary as I progress on this deal.

Deans The Man!



What you said on your part sounds good.Seeing what the seller posted about the property(The detail of it)they might be attached to the property.Also remember you can run an option contract if assignment is something they are not to crazy about(make sure a OC is legal in your state).


Invest in yourself!

Thanks Rosefield

Um I forgot what an option to purchase contract is. Ill refer to the book again. Thanks Rosefield.

Mr. Big Seller,

Congratulations for starting your journal. Your journal is a great idea to hold you accountable, track your progress and share some of your new found knowledge and experience with other DG Members. With some deals they may not work out, but if you can find out the "hot buttons" of the seller and structure an offer that gets the seller what they want you could be there. Even if this deal does not work out, you have learned from it and can apply that knowledge to the next deal. Good luck with this potential deal and with all your future deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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